How to define storage locations in SAP MM

Storage location is a place where inventories are physically kept within a plant. You have to define at least one storage location for a plant. In material management module (MM module) storage location is the lowest point.

Define storage locations

You can define it by using transaction code OX09 or following path;

SPRO > Enterprise structure > Definition > Material Management > Maintain Storage Locations

Enter the plant number for which you want to create it and press new entries. Enter a number and description. By selecting it you need to double click on “address of storage location” to enter its address.

Save it 

Automatic creation

To create it automatically in sap you use transaction code OMB3 or following path;

SPRO > Material Management > Inventory Management and physical inventory > goods receipt > create storage location automatically

You need to set automatic creation for the plants. Just tick the options and save it. In the same way you can also create it for movement types.

How to assign warehouse

You can assign warehouse to it by using following path;

SPRO > Enterprise structure > Assignment > Logistic execution > Assign warehouse number to plant/storage location

How to create warehouse in sap

Warehouse in sap also work like location where goods are stored. Warehouse is defined as a storage type and then sub divided to small storage locations called storage bin.

You can create warehouse in sap by using path;

SPRO > Enterprise structure > Definition > Logistic Execution > Define, Copy, Delete, Check Warehouse

Warehouse creation is part of warehouse management module. By assigning warehouse to material management module we integrate both the modules.

This step has to be followed before the assignment of warehouse.. Storage locations are created under plant and through plant they are assigned to company code.You cannot create it unless and until plant is created in sap. As we discusses its the smallest point in material management module but please remember it is not the smallest point in sap.

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