How to Download Form 16 and Form 16A from TRACE Portal

Downloading Form 16 and 16A is mandatory as per the recent changes to income tax rule, 1962. After downloading, a deductor will be able to issue it to the deductee.

Process of Downloading and Creating Form 16 and 16A in PDF

  • Deductor has to register on TRACES Portal
  • After logging into the portal you need to click on the Form 16 and 16A section under the download menu
  • A text file containing the entire requested PAN will be available for download at the download section of the menu.
  • Text file is password protected and password will be the TAN of the deductor.
  • Pass the text files generated into the TRACES PDF Generation Utility to create the PDF.

Process of Installing TRACES PDF Generation Utility

  • Download the PDF Generation Utility by logging in to TRACES. Click on ‘Requested Downloads’ under ‘Downloads’ menu then click on ‘TRACES PDF Generation Utility’ link
  • Unzip and save the utility on your desktop
  • Double-click on the utility (exe) and click on ‘Run’
  • Utility will be installed on your desktop

How to Convert the text file PDF

  • Open the utility from your desktop and select the text file
  • Select the digital signature to digitally sign it
  • Generate PDF file
  • If PDF is not digitally signed, deductor should manually sign the printed Form before sending it to Tax Payers

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