How to file form ADT1 with ROC – Step by step procedure

Form ADT1 is required to be filed for auditors appointed under section 139(1) of companies act 2013 read with rule 4(2) of the companies (audit and auditors) rules, 2014. This form is to be filed as a notice to registrar about appointment or reappointment of auditor.

In our last article we have discussed when and who has to file form ADT1 with ROC. In this article we will be discussing how to file form ADT1 with step by step procedures.

If you read our last article when and who has to file form ADT1, you will find that the form ADT1 has to be filed by the company within 15 days from the date of appointment i.e. from the date of AGM.

Form ADT1

Before preparing yourself for filing of form ADT1, we suggest you to have scanned copies of following documents;

  • Consent letter given by auditor – Your auditor must have sent you this before board meeting
  • Certified copy of AGM notice regarding auditor’s appointment in company’s letter head
  • Appointment letter of auditor – letter that company has sent to auditor towards their appointment

In addition to that you also require following information from your auditor;

  • Category of auditor
  • PAN number of auditor or audit firm
  • Membership number of the auditor
  • Auditor’s firm registration number
  • Complete address of auditor

Before filing form ADT1, you need to check the company’s status. If the company is in inactive status then form ADT1 cannot be filed.

After having all these information and documents please follow below steps to file form ADT1

  • Download form ADT1 from MCA site. Please do not download from any other website as those forms may not be the recent updated one. Always download the form from MCA21 site.
  • Fill up all those details as asked for in the form. If you have collected above information then it will be easier for you to fill the form.
  • As discussed above attaché scanned copies of appointment letter sent by company, consent letter given by auditor and certified copies of resolution for appointment.
  • Sign form ADT1 with authorized director’s valid digital signature certificate. Please remember company auditor is not required to sign the form.
  • Now in the last step, click on check and pre-scrutiny before uploading it to MCA site.

This ADT1 form has been introduced in the month of October 2014 i.e. on 20th October 2014. Prior to that, many companies have filed auditor’s appointment in form GLN2 with attachment of form ADT1 in a specified format as it was prescribed by ROC at that time. But now onwards, you are not required to file GLN2 for auditor’s appointment or reappointment.

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