How to get Director Identification Number or DIN

Director identification number or as popularly known as DIN, is a unique number issued by the ministry of corporate affairs of India for a new director who wants to form a company or a person who wants to get appointed as a director in an existing company. Director identification number or DIN is a must for all the directors

Procedure to get Director Identification Number

  • Download the application form DIR3
  • Fill it up with correct details and upload a passport size photo in .jpg format.
  • Attach all the supporting documents with the form DIR-3 i.e. photo copy of address proof, identity proof (PAN Card) and declaration form (now its not required as applicant has to digitally sign with declaration) etc.
  • Verify your Application details with PAN card details online (option is available in the Form).
  • Sign the DIN form i.e. DIR3 with digital signature certificate (DSC) of director.
  • Upload your DIR-3 form through MCA site with online application fee of Rs. 500.

If your DIR-3 form is certified by a chartered accountant or company secretary or cost accountant then DIN will be issued to you immediately.

If you are going to be a director of a company then the DIN number has be intimated to all such companies.

For a new company registration, DIN number has to be filled up in all the application forms uploaded to MCA site. Any changes to the details of DIN application form, has to be intimated to ROC.

Documents Required for a Director Identification Number or DIN

For a new Director Identification Number, you need to file “FORM DIR-3” with the MCA site along with following documents;

Photo copies of following documents towards address proof of the individual;

  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Electricity bill
  • Telephone bill
  • Voter ID card
  • Bank Statement with latest transaction and certified by the bank manager
  • Adhar Card

Photo copy of following documents as identity proof;

  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Bank Passbook Xerox with photo on it

If you are a resident individual then to apply for Director identification Number, PAN card is a mandatory requirement. If you don’t have a PAN Card then you cannot become a director of a company. If photo copy of pan card has been provided then no need to give any other documents as identity proof.

New Company registration process can start only after getting director identification number.

In addition to above documents for address proof and identity proof, the individual is also required to provide one Passport Size photograph and DIR-4 in Rs. 20 stamp paper. DIR-4 was an affidavit stating certain particulars, which every director was required to give while applying for director identification number, now its now required as declaration has already included in DIR3 form which applicant has to sign digitally while applying for DIN.

Details like name, father’s name, date of birth and PAN number in DIR-3 form and in PAN card must match, otherwise, while applying for Director Identification Number, the application form DIR-3 will not verify details with income tax site. In case of mismatch, DIN application can not be uploaded to MCA Site.

All the documents should be self attested and scanned to get uploaded to MCA’s site.

If the person intending to take DIN is a foreign national or non resident Indian then passport copy is required for identity proof and the address proof must be notarized by Indian consulate.

If you are a married woman and your name has been changed then marriage certificate need to be produced for company registration.

Common reasons for rejection of DIN Application

  1. Your name as applicant or your fathers name has been filled up in abbreviated form. The names should be expanded even though the identity proof contains the name in abbreviated form.
  2. Mismatch of ID proof with the DIN details.
  3. Address proof submitted older than 2 months or the documents submitted are in the name of some other person.
  4. Supporting documents submitted along with the application form has not been self attested.
  5. Address proof like passport, driving license and others are expired on the date of application or before approval of the application.

Frequently Asked Questions on Director Identification Number

Who can Apply for allotment of Director Identification Number or DIN ?

Any individual who wants to be a director of a company can apply for it.

To whom i should apply for a DIN ?

DIN is allotted by ministry of corporate affairs of India. In every state they have offices. You have to apply in your respective state office.

How much i have to pay for allotment of DIN ?

You have to pay Rs. 500 as application fee while applying for it.

What are to documents required for filling of DIN ?

Following documents are required to be filled along with the application form;

  • Identity proof
  • Address/residence proof
  • Photograph
  • Affidavit

Is there any validity period for a DIN ?

Director Identification Number will be valid for your entire life. Its not required for any renewal. With one number you can be a director in many companies.

How to change DIN details ?

You need to file a new form form DIR-6 for changes that you need to do with your director identification number. With this changes, the number will be same but the details that you want to change will be changed immediately. If you are a married woman and want to change the earlier name then you need to provide such details as a proof of it.

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