How to park document in sap general ledger accounting

How to park document in sap general ledger accountingParking a document is a concept where business transactions are entered and kept for posting at a later point of time. There can be many reasons where you need to park a document in your organisation.

Followings are some of those reasons where you have to park a document in sap;

  • While entering a transaction in sap you required some additional information which was not present at that time.
  • After entering a transaction you want senior persons to look into it.
  • You are not sure about the general ledger account that needs to be used for the transaction. 

There can be some other reason for which you need to park a document for posting at a later point of time. SAP has delivered the best method for these types of transactions. You can use this functionality.

You need not do any specific configuration to park a document in sap. You can use it as it comes by default with sap.

In sap you can park a document related to customer, vendor, general ledger and asset accounts.

You use transaction code F-65 to park a general ledger document or use following path;

Accounting > Financial Accounting > General Ledger > Document entry > Parked document

After entering your details you need to select menu > document > parking

How to display parked documents in sap

To display it you use transaction code FBV3 or following path;

SAP easy access menu > Accounting > Financial Accounting > General ledger > Document > Parked documents > Display

After reaching the display screen you need to enter followings;

  • Company code
  • Document number
  • Fiscal year

Press enter to display the document.

You can use transaction code FBV0 of above path to reach the screen of deleting the parked document or to post it. While posting the transaction you can also change the document amount, date of posting, and the general ledger account of the transaction.

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