How to post cash journal in sap – FBCJ

How to post cash journal in sap – FBCJInstead of using transaction FB50 for posting a transaction related to cash you use transaction FBCJ for cash journal posting. This transaction will provide you predefined business transactions to select and post. By using its functionality you can print typical cash journal documents and report.

To post it in sap you have to execute transaction code FBCJ or following path;

SAP Menu > Accounting > Financial Accounting > Banks > Incomings > FBCJ – Cash Journal 

You have options to post payment, receipt transactions from one screen. You can also get reports on a daily basis, weekly or for the current period.

From screen select “change cash journal” and enter your company code and cash journal and press enter.

Business transactions are predefined to use so you can use any one of it or you can create a new transaction for it.

You can also save your settings before posting or you can post it at a later point of time.

Select cash payment to post a expenses to sap.

From the cash payment screen any predefined transaction, cost center and amount to post.

To post the transaction you need to select “post sel”. Document will be posted.

How to display a cash journal payment transaction – FCH2

To display a cash journal payment transaction you can use following transaction code FCH2 or below path;

SAP Menu > Accounting > Financial Accounting > Accounts Payable > Environment > Check information > Display > FCH2 – For payment document

From the payment document check screen enter the document number, company code and fiscal year to view the document.

From this screen you can view followings related to your cash journal transaction;

  • Accounting document generated
  • Payment document
  • Check recipient
  • Check issuer

You can view other details as entered in the initial document.

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