Important SAP tables in Financial Accounting and Conrolling Module

We have listed all SAP tables that are used in financial and controlling module. You are requested to give your feedback and suggestions on this so that we can improve it based on your requirements.

Some of the important SAP tables used in Financial Accounting Module

SAP Table NameDescription
Financial Accounting 
T001Company Code
TCURCCurrency Codes
TCURRExchange Rate
TCURTCurrency Name
T0775Account Group (G/L Accounts)
T009Fiscal Year Variant
T880Global Company Code
T004Chart Of Accounts
T009Fiscal Year Variant
T010OPosting period variant
T010PPosting Period variant names
T001BPermitted posting periods
T003Document types
SKA1G/L Master Chart of Accounts Segment
SKB1G/L Master Company Code Segment
BKPFAccounting Document Header
BSEGAccounting Document Segment
BSIPIndex for Vendor Validation of Double Documents
BVORInter Company Posting Procedure
EBKPFAccounting Document Header (docs from External Systems)
FRUNRun Date of a Program
KLPACustomer / Vendor Linking
KNB4Customer Payment History
KNB5Customer Master Dunning Data
KNBKCustomer Master Bank Details
KNC1Customer Master Transaction Figures
KNC3Customer Master Special GL Transactions Figures
LFB5Vendor Master Dunning Data
LFBKVendor Master Bank Details
LFC1Vendor Master Transaction Figures
LFC3Vendor Master Special GL Transactions Figures
VBKPFDocument Header for Document Parking
KNA1Customer Master (General Data)
KNB1Customer Master (Company Code)
LFA1Vendor Master (General Section)
LFB1Vendor Master (company Code Section)
SKA1G/L Account Master (Chart of Accounts)
SKATG/L Account Master (Chart of Accounts – Description)
MAHNSAccounts Blocked by Dunning Selection
MHNKDunning Data (Account Entries)
SKASG/L Account Master (Chart of Accounts – Key Word list)
SKB1G/L Account Master (Company Code)
FIGLREPSettings for G/L Posting Reports
TSAKRCreate G/L account with reference
KOMUAccount Assignment Templates for G/L Account items
KNKACustomer Master Credit Management : Central Data
KNKKCustomer Master Credit Management : Control Area Data
KNKKF1Credit Management : FI Status data
RFRRAccounting Data – A/R and A/P Information System
PAYRPayment Medium File
PCECPre-numbered Check
F111GGlobal Settings for Payment Program for Payment Requests
FDZACash Management Line Items in Payment Requests
PAYRQPayment Requests
ANKAAsset Classes: General Data
ANKPAsset Classes: Fld Cont Dpndnt on Chart of Depreciation
ANKTAsset Classes: Description
ANKVAsset Classes: Insurance Types
ANLAAsset Master Record Segment
ANLBDepreciation Terms
ANLTAsset Texts
ANLUAsset Master Record User Fields
ANLWInsurable Values (Year Dependent)
ANLXAsset Master Record Segment
ANLZTime Dependent Asset Allocations
ANARAsset Types
ANATAsset Type Text
ANEKDocument Header Asset Posting
ANEPAsset Line Items
ANEVAsset Down payment Settlement
ANKBAsset Class: Depreciation Area
ANLCAsset value Fields
ANLHMain Asset Number
ANLPAsset Periodic Values
GB03Validation / Substitution User

Some of the important SAP tables in Controlling Module

AUSPCharacteristic Values
A132Price per Cost Center
A136Price per Controlling Area
A137Price per Country / Region
COSCCO Objects: Assignment of Original Costing Sheets
CSSKCost Center / Cost Element
CSSLCost Center / Activity Type
KAPSCO Period Locks
CSKACost Elements (Data Dependent on Chart of Accounts)
CSKBCost Elements (Data Dependent on Controlling Area)
CSKSCost Center Master Data
CSLAActivity Master
COBKCO Object: Document Header
COEJCO Object: Line Items (by Fiscal Year)
COEJLCO Object: Line Items for Activity Types (by Fiscal Yr)
COEJRCO Object: Line Items for SKF (by Fiscal Year)
COEJTCO Object: Line Items for Prices (by Fiscal Year)
COEPCO Object: Line Items (by Period)
COEPLCO Object: Line Items for Activity Types (by Period)
COEPRCO Object: Line Items for SKF (by Period)
COEPTCO Object: Line Items for Prices (by Period)
COKACO Object: Control Data for Cost Elements
COKLCO Object: Control Data for Activity Types
COKPCO Object: Control Data for Primary Planning
COKRCO Object: Control Data for Statistical Key Figures
COKSCO Object: Control Data for Secondary Planning
COFI01Object Table for Reconciliation Ledger COFIT
COFI02Transaction Dependent Fields for Reconciliation Ledger
COFIPSingle Plan Items for Reconciliation Ledger
COFISActual Line Items for Reconciliation Ledger
A138Price per Company Code
A139Price per Profit Center
AUAASettlement Document: Receiver Segment
AUABSettlement Document: Distribution Rules
AUAISettlement Rules per Depreciation Area
AUAKDocument Header for Settlement
AUAODocument Segment: CO Objects to be Settled
AUAVDocument Segment: Transactions
COBRASettlement Rule for Order Settlement
COBRBDistribution Rules Settlement Rule Order Settlement
AUFKOrder Master Data
AUFLAY0Enttity Table: Order Layouts
CEPCProfit Center Master Data Table
CEPCTTexts for Profit Center Master Data
CEPC_BUKRSAssignment of Profit Center to a Company Code
GLPCAEC-PCA: Actual Line Items
GLPCCEC-PCA: Transaction Attributes
GLPCOEC-PCA: Object Table for Account Assignment Element
GLPCPEC-PCA: Plan Line Items
A141Dependent on Material and Receiver Profit Center
A142Dependent on Material
A143Dependent on Material Group

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