ITR V form password, check list and how to send it to tax department

Tax department has laid down certain guidelines for taxpayers to follow while filing their return of income. If it’s not followed then your return of income may get rejected.

Tax payers in India have option to use digital signature while filing their return of income with the tax department. If it’s used then you are not required to send the signed acknowledgement form or ITR V generated after uploading the return of income.

Now, with the new provision, a tax payer having Aadhar card can link his or her Aadhar number to PAN and while filing, by entering the Aadhar number they will not be required to send ITR-V to tax department’s CPC Bengaluru office. To know more read our article on how to link Aadhar number to PAN.


If digital signature is not used then tax payer is required to print out the acknowledgement form or ITR V  that is generated after uploading the return of income and send it to tax department office at Bangalore.

ITR V Stards for Income Tax Return Verification.

ITR V Password

After filing your IT return, you can download ITR V either from your income tax account or from your email ID used in filing return of income.

ITR V is always password protected. You can use the combination of your PAN in small letter and the date of birth in dd/mm/yyyy format to open it.

For instance, if your PAN is AHBGN2654X and date of birth is 01/01/2001 then password to open your ITR V should be ahbgn2654x01012001.

Here are the things that every assessee needs to keep in mind while filing their return of income without digital signature.

  • To process the ITR V or acknowledgement, bar code in the ITR V should be clearly visible. For this reason, we suggest you to take print out in black ink by using ink jet or laser printers and do not fold it while sending it to tax department. We suggest you to use an envelope that can hold an A4 size paper without folding it.
  • If you are sending two returns of incomes then do not print them back to back. Use a fresh A4 size paper to print the other one.
  • To sing the acknowledgment form or ITRV us a ball point pen in blue ink. Make sure that the original signed form has been sent to the tax department not a photocopy of it.
  • Within 120 days of e-filing or uploading your return of income, you are required to send the ITRV or acknowledgement form through ordinary postal service or speed post to following address;

Address to Send ITRV :-

Income Tax Department –CPC, Post Bag No: 1, Electronic City office, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560100

While sending ITR-V or acknowledgements to tax department, you are not required to attach any documents with it.

Earlier you could not send more than one ITR V per envelope, but now, you can include more than one such form in one envelope.

Do not courier it or deliver the ITR V by hand. It will not be accepted

If ITR V is not received by the tax department within 120 days from the date of filing then it may get rejected. However, a reminder mail will be sent to your registered email ID to send ITR V before rejecting. Instead of waiting for the email, it’s always better to send the ITR V before time.

You can check ITR V status online through this link of income tax e-filing website.

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