Line Item Display and the purpose of setting this indicator in GL A/C master

Line item display field in SAP FI is a control field in the company code segment of a general ledger account master. When you set “Line Item Display” field in a company code segment of a general ledger master, all the posted transactions are stored in a special index table of SAP which carries additional storage and system time. When you click on this account transaction, you will be able to see both the balance amount and the transaction view of the document from the same report.

If Line Item Display indicator is not set for a particular general ledger account master in SAP then the report of the general ledger account can show you balance figure and if you try to get into the line item display view of the transaction then you have to try a different report as displaying from the general ledger balance report will not be possible.

This particular setting is very useful if you want detail display of a particular General Ledger account from the general ledger account balance report. Due to the additional storage requirement for this setting you need to decide whether you want it for a set of general ledger account or not. If there is no other way of looking into the detail display then you need to select the setting in SAP.   

In SAP there are few account for which it is not required as SAP has delivered other way of getting into the line item display in a better form and in a more detailed way. Followings are a list of those accounts;

  • Reconciliation Account
  • Revenue Account
  • Material Stock Account

Reconciliation Accounts are defined in general ledger account to have the postings flow from sub ledger accounts to general ledger account. Line item display for all the sub ledgers like vendor account, customer account and asset accounts are maintained in sub ledger account and no need to define the reconciliation account as a line item display account.

Line item of all revenue accounts are maintained in sales and distribution module so an additional setting in revenue account is not required.

Line item of all Material stock accounts is maintained in Material Management module. Any one want to have it for any material account can view from material management module.

Line item display is wonderful way of getting into the document view of a particular transaction from its general ledger account report. As additional storage requirement may slow down your system response you need to choose the right account that is required to have line item display.

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