How to link Aadhar number to your PAN for filing return of income

As per the present tax laws of India, a tax payer filing income tax return without using digital signature certificate or DSC is required to send acknowledgement form or ITR V generated after uploading the return of income to the tax department’s CPC Bangalore office.

If such acknowledgement or ITR V has not been received by tax department within 120 days then the ITR filed may get rejected. After rejection, it will be treated as if the person has not filed tax return.


As soon as you login to your income tax account, you will find a popup screen asking to enter your Aadhar number. It’s optional, if you don’t have Aadhar card or do not want to link it then no need to enter.

Before entering your Aadhar card we suggest you to verify the name, date of birth, gender so that it matches with the PAN card details.

After you enter your Aadhar number, it will be verified online on the basis of your name, date of birth and gender as per PAN database with similar data available under his Aadhaar with UIDAI.

After completion of verification process, a new OTP (One time password) will be sent to your registered mobile number which users are required to enter to complete the process.

If the Aadhar authentication in this manner is successful, the Verifier’s Aadhaar will be linked to his PAN.

The Aadhaar OTP will be valid for 10 minutes (or as specified by UIDAI)

PAN is a unique 10 digit alpha numeric number used by tax department to track financial transactions that might have a taxable component to prevent tax evasion. By linking Aadhar number to PAN, government may be trying to get rid of duplicate PAN and wants to verify identity of the person filing return of income.

While filing your return of income with tax department online, it will ask you to enter Aadhar card number. If its entered and successfully processed then the you are not required to send ITR-V to Income tax department, CPC Bangalore office. This provision is applicable whether you used digital signature while filing or not.

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