List of Transaction Code used in SAP Controlling Module

SAP provides two ways of executing a transaction, one is via the menu path and the other is through transaction code. If you already in a customization screen and do not want to go back to IMG path then execute the transaction code which will directly take you to the transaction screen.

To enter a transaction code in Transaction code bar on the top-left corner you first enter /n before putting the transaction.

For example: You are in Chart of Accounts Group creating screen and now you Want to move to FS00 transaction code to create GL Master Data. In this case you have to enter /nFS00 in transaction code bar to get in to directly the general ledger account creation screen. If you want the system to open another screen with the transaction code then instead of putting /nfs00 you have to enter /ofs00. /o is used to open the transaction code in another screen not in the existing screen.

Followings are the list of Transaction Codes used in Controlling Module

  1. 1KE4 Profit Center Accounting: Assignment Monitor
  2. 1KE8 Transfer Documents from Financial Accounting
  3. 1KEK Profit Center Accounting: Transfer Payables/Receivables
  4. 2KEU Copy Cost Center Groups
  5. 2KEV Copy Cost Centers
  6. 6KEA Display Change Documents
  7. 7KE1 Change Plan Costs/Revenues: Characteristics
  8. 7KE2 Display Plan Costs/Revenues: Characteristics
  9. 8KEG Create Pricing Report
  10. 9KE9 Display Document
  11. C000 Overhead Cost Controlling Information System
  12. CKMLCP Costing Cockpit: Actual Costing – Change/Execute
  13. CKMPCD Price Change Document
  14. KA01 Create Cost Element
  15. KA02 Change Cost Element
  16. KA03 Display Cost Element
  17. KA04 Delete Cost Element
  18. KA23 Display Cost Element
  19. KA24 Delete Cost elements
  20. KABL Planning Report
  21. KAH1 Create Cost element group
  22. KAH2 Change Cost element group
  23. KAH3 Display Cost element group
  24. KAK2 “Change View “”Statistical Key Figures””: Overview”
  25. KAK3 “Display View “”Statistical Key Figures””: Overview”
  26. KB21N Enter Direct Activity Allocation
  27. KB23 Display Direct Activity Allocation
  28. KB24 Reverse Direct Activity Allocation
  29. KB31N Enter Statistical Key Figures
  30. KB33N Display Statistical Key Figures
  31. KB34N Reverse Statistical Key Figures
  32. KB41N Enter Manual Repostings of Revenues
  33. KB43N Display Manual Repostings of Revenues
  34. KB44N Reverse Manual Repostings of Revenues
  35. KB65 Enter IAA Reposting: Document Row Selection
  36. KB66 Display IAA Reposting: Document Row Selection
  37. KB67 Reverse IAA Reposting: Document Row Selection
  38. KBH1 Create Statistical Key Figure Group
  39. KBH2 Change Statistical Key Figure Group
  40. KBH3 Display Statistical Key Figure Group
  41. KCH1 Create Profit Center Group
  42. KCH2 Change Profit Center Group
  43. KCH3 Display Profit Center Group
  44. KCH5N Standard Hierarchy for Profit Centers Change
  45. KCH6N Standard Hierarchy for Profit Centers Display
  46. KE21N CO-PA Line item entry
  47. KE24 Line item display – Actual data
  48. KE25 Line item display – Plan data
  49. KE27 Periodic valuation
  50. KE2D Display Sales Orders Containing Errors
  51. KE30 Execute profitability report
  52. KE31 Create profitability report
  53. KE32 Change report
  54. KE41 Create Condition Records
  55. KE42 Change Condition Records
  56. KE43 Display Condition Records
  57. KE4N Change Pricing Report
  58. KE4O Display Pricing report
  59. KE4Q Execute Pricing Report
  60. KE50 SAP Easy Access Profit Center Accounting
  61. KE51 Create Profit Center
  62. KE52 Change Profit Center
  63. KE53 Display Profit Center
  64. KE54 Delete Profit Centers
  65. KE56 Assignment of Profit Centers to Company Codes – Change
  66. KE5Y Profit Center: Plan Line Items
  67. KE5Z Profit Center: Actual Line Items
  68. KEPM CO-PA Planning
  69. KES1 Change Characteristic Values
  70. KEU5 Perform act. cost-ctr cost transfer
  71. KEU8 Change plan transfer of CCtr costs
  72. KEU9 Display plan transfer of CCtr costs
  73. KEUB Perform plan cost-ctr cost transfer
  74. KGI2 Actual Overhead Calculation: Order
  75. KJH1 Create WBS element group
  76. KJH2 Change WBS element group
  77. KJH3 Display WBS element group
  78. KK01 Create Statistical Key Figure
  79. KK02 Change Statistical Key Figure
  80. KK03 Display Statistical Key Figure
  81. KK04 Master Data Report: Statistical Key Figures
  82. KK11 Create Condition Records
  83. KK12 Change Condition Records
  84. KK13 Display Condition Records
  85. KK14 Create Condition Records with Reference
  86. KK87 Actual Settlement: Product Cost Collector
  87. KK88 Actual Settlement: Cost Object
  88. KK89 Actual settlement: Cost Object
  89. KKA0 Change Cutoff Period
  90. KKA3 Results Analysis for Sales Order
  91. KKA6 Results Analysis for Sales Order: Enter Data
  92. KKA9 Delete Results Analysis Data for Sales Order
  93. KKAK Actual Results Analysis: Sales Orders
  94. KKAO Calculate Work in Progress: Collective Processing
  95. KKAS Calculate Work in Progress: Individual Processing
  96. KKAX Calculate Work in Progress: Individual Processing
  97. KKBC Application Tree Report Selection Product Cost Controlling
  98. KKC1 Create Cost Object
  99. KKC2 Change Cost Object
  100. KKC3 Display Cost Object
  101. KKC7 Create Product Group
  102. KKC8 Change Product Group
  103. KKC9 Display Product Group
  104. KKCA Display Variance Line Items for Cost Objects
  105. KKCS Display Actual Cost Line Items for Cost Objects
  106. KKF1 Create CO Production Order
  107. KKF2 Change CO Production Order/QM Order
  108. KKF3 Display CO Production Order/QM Order
  109. KKF4 Change Order Planning
  110. KKF6M Create Multiple Product Cost Collectors for Production Versions
  111. KKF6N Display Product Cost Collector
  112. KKF7 Change Product Cost Collector
  113. KKFB Display Variance Line Items for Orders
  114. KKG1 Order: Enter Cost of Sales
  115. KKG2 Project: Enter Cost of Sales
  116. KKG3 Sales Order: Enter Cost of Sales
  117. KKH1 Create Cost object group
  118. KKH2 Change Cost object group
  119. KKH3 Display Cost object group
  120. KKP4 Display Cost Object Hierarchy
  121. KKP6 Reports: Cost Object Hierarchy
  122. KKRC Summarization: CO object
  123. KKS1 Variance Calculation
  124. KKS2 Variance Calculation
  125. KKS5 Variance Calculation
  126. KKS6 Variance Calculation
  127. KL01 Create Activity Type
  128. KL02 Change Activity Type
  129. KL03 Display Activity Type
  130. KL04 Delete Activity Type
  131. KL05 Display Change Documents: Activity Type
  132. KL13 Display Activity Types
  133. KL14 Delete Activity Types
  134. KLH1 Create Activity type group
  135. KLH2 Change Activity type group
  136. KLH3 Display Activity type group
  137. KO01 Create Internal Order
  138. KO02 Change Internal Order
  139. KO03 Display Internal Order
  140. KO04 Order Manager
  141. KO12 Change Overall Planning
  142. KO12N Overall planning for orders: change
  143. KO13 Display Overall Planning
  144. KO13N Overall planning for orders: Display
  145. KO14 Copy Planning
  146. KO14N Set planner profile
  147. KO15 Copy Actual to Plan
  148. KO22 Change Original Budget
  149. KO23 Display Original Budget
  150. KO24 Change Supplement
  151. KO25 Display Supplement
  152. KO2A Change Document
  153. KO2B Display Document
  154. KO88 Actual Settlement: Order
  155. KO8B Display settlement document
  156. KO8G Actual Settlment: Orders
  157. KO9E Planned Settlement: Internal orders
  158. KO9G Planned Settlement: Internal orders
  159. KOB1 Display Actual Cost Line Items for Orders
  160. KOB2 Display Commitment Line Items for Orders
  161. KOB3 Display Variance Line Items for Orders
  162. KOB4 Display Budget Line Items for Orders
  163. KOB8 Display Results Analysis Line Items for Orders
  164. KOC4 Order Selection
  165. KOCF Fiscal year close: Carry forward commitment
  166. KOCO Budget Carryforward for Orders
  167. KOH1 Create Order Group
  168. KOH2 Change Order Group
  169. KOH3 Display Order Group
  170. KOK2 Collective Processing for Internal Orders
  171. KOK3 Collective Display for Internal Orders
  172. KOK4 Automatic Collective Processing for Internal Orders
  173. KOK5 Master Data List for Orders
  174. KOW1N Create Actual Periodic Reposting Cycle
  175. KOW2N Change Actual Periodic Reposting Cycle
  176. KOW3N Display Actual Periodic Reposting Cycle
  177. KOW4N Delete Actual Periodic Reposting Cycle
  178. KP04 Set planner profile
  179. KP06 Change CElem/Activity input planning
  180. KP07 Display planning CElem/Act. input
  181. KP26 Change Activity Type/Price Planning
  182. KP27 Display Activity Type/Price Planning
  183. KP46 Change Statistical Key Figure Planning
  184. KP47 Display Statistical Key Figure Planning
  185. KP90 Delete Planned Costs (All Integrated Planning Objects)
  186. KP98 Copy Actual to Plan
  187. KP9R Copy CO Resource Prices
  188. KPD6 Change Statistical Key Figure Planning
  189. KPD7 Display Statistical Key Figure Planning
  190. KPF6 Change CElem/activity input plannin
  191. KPF7 Display CElem./Acty input planning
  192. KPG5 Report Painter: Create Orders: Planning layout for cost elements/activ
  193. KPG6 Report Painter: Change Orders: Planning layout for cost elements/activ
  194. KPG7 Report Painter: Display Orders: Planning layout for cost elements/activ
  195. KPSI Execute Plan Reconciliation
  196. KRMI Display Actual Cost Line Items for Orders
  197. KS01 Create Cost Center
  198. KS02 Change Cost Center
  199. KS03 Display Cost Center
  200. KS04 Delete Cost Center
  201. KS05 Display Change Documents: Cost Center
  202. KS12 Change Cost Centers
  203. KS13 Display Cost Centers
  204. KS14 Delete Cost Centers
  205. KSB1 Display Actual Cost Line Items for Cost Centers
  206. KSB2 Display Commitment Line Items for Cost Centers
  207. KSBP Display Plan Cost Line Items for Cost Centers
  208. KSBT Activity Type Price Report
  209. KSC1N Create Cycle for Actual Indirect Activity Allocation
  210. KSC2N Change Cycle for Actual Indirect Activity Allocation
  211. KSC3N Display Cycle for Actual Indirect Activity Allocation
  212. KSC4N Delete Cycle for Actual Indirect Activity Allocation
  213. KSC6N Act. indirect acty alloc.: Overview
  214. KSC7N Create Cycle for Planned Indirect Activity Allocation
  215. KSC8N Change Cycle for Planned Indirect Activity Allocation
  216. KSC9N Display Cycle for Planned Indirect Activity Allocation
  217. KSCB Execute plan indirect acty alloc.
  218. KSCCN Document List for Selected Cycle
  219. KSH1 Create Cost Center Group
  220. KSH2 Change Cost Center Group
  221. KSH3 Display Cost Center Group
  222. KSS4 Plan Cost Splitting
  223. KSU1N Create Actual Assessment Cycle
  224. KSU2N Change Actual Assessment Cycle
  225. KSU3N Display Actual Assessment Cycle
  226. KSU4N Delete Actual Assessment Cycle
  227. KSU5 Execute actual assessment
  228. KSU6N Document List for Selected Cycle
  229. KSU7N Create Plan Assessment Cycle
  230. KSU8N Change Plan Assessment Cycle
  231. KSU9N Display Plan Assessment Cycle
  232. KSUAN Delete Plan Assessment Cycle
  233. KSUB Execute plan assessment
  234. KSUCN Plan assessment: Overview
  235. KSV1N Create Actual Distribution Cycle
  236. KSV2N Change Actual Distribution Cycle
  237. KSV3N Display Actual Distribution Cycle
  238. KSV4N Delete Actual Distribution Cycle
  239. KSV5 Execute actual distribution
  240. KSV6N Actual distribution: Overview
  241. KSV7N Create Plan Distribution Cycle
  242. KSV8N Change Plan Distribution Cycle
  243. KSV9N Display Plan Distribution Cycle
  244. KSVAN Delete Plan Distribution Cycle
  245. KSVCN Plan distribution: Overview
  246. KSWB Execute plan periodic reposting
  247. KVA5 Transfer Actual Data from LIS
  248. OKENN Standard Hierarchy for Cost Centers Display
  249. OKEON Standard Hierarchy for Cost Centers Change
  250. OKKP “Change View “”Basic data””: Overview (Maintain Controlling Area)”
  251. OKO5 Delete CO orders
  252. OKP1 Maintain Period Lock
  253. OKP2 Display Period Lock
  254. PCA1 Create Production Campaign
  255. PCA2 Change Production Campaign
  256. PCA3 Display Production Campaign
  257. PCCO Production Campaign: Costs – Itemization

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