List of Transaction Codes used in SAP FI Module

SAP provides two ways of executing a transaction, one is via the menu path and the other is through transaction code. If you already in a customization screen and do not want to go back to IMG path then execute the transaction code which will directly take you to the transaction screen.

To enter a transaction code in Transaction code bar on the top-left corner you first enter /n before putting the transaction.

For example: You are in Chart of Accounts Group creating screen and now you Want to move to FS00 transaction code to create GL Master Data. In this case you have to enter /nFS00 in transaction code bar to get in to directly the general ledger account creation screen. If you want the system to open another screen with the transaction code then instead of putting /nfs00 you have to enter /ofs00. /o is used to open the transaction code in another screen not in the existing screen.

Followings are the List of Transaction Codes Used in Financial Accounting Module:

  1. AB02 Documents for Asset (Change)
  2. AB03 Documents for Asset (Display)
  3. AB08 Documents for Asset (Reverse)
  4. ABAA Unplanned Depreciation
  5. ABAON Enter Asset Transaction: Asset Sale without Customer
  6. ABAVN Enter Asset Transaction: Asset Retirement by Scrapping
  7. ABAW Balance Sheet Revaluation
  8. ABGF Credit Memo in Year after Invoice
  9. ABGL Credit Memo in Year of Invoice
  10. ABMA Manual Depreciation
  11. ABNAN Enter Asset Transaction: Post-Capitalization
  12. ABNE Subsequent Revenue
  13. ABNK Subsequent Costs
  14. ABSO Miscellaneous Transactions
  15. ABST2 Reconcil. Program FI-AA <-> G/L: List of accounts showing differences
  16. ABT1N Enter Asset Transaction: Intercompany Asset Transfer
  17. ABUMN Enter Asset Transaction: Transfer within Company Code
  18. ABZE Acquisition from in-house production
  19. ABZON Enter Asset Transaction: Acquis. W/Autom. Offsetting Entry
  20. ABZP Acquistion from affiliated company
  21. ABZU Write-up
  22. AFAB Depreciation Posting Run
  23. AFAR Recalculate Depreciation
  24. AFBP Log of Posting Run
  25. AIAB Settlement AuC
  26. AIBU AuC Settlement
  27. AIST Reversal of Settlement of AuC
  28. AJAB Year-end closing Asset Accounting
  29. AJRW Asset fiscal year change
  30. AKE1 Create Condition Records
  31. AKE2 Change Condition Records
  32. AKE3 Display Condition Records
  33. AR01 Asset Balances
  34. AR11 Investment Support
  35. AR31 Edit Worklist
  36. AS01 Create Asset
  37. AS02 Change Asset
  38. AS03 Display Asset
  39. AS04 Changes Asset
  40. AS05 Block Asset
  41. AS06 Delete Asset
  42. AS11 Create Subnumber
  43. AS21 Create Group Asset
  44. AS22 Change Group Asset
  45. AS23 Display Group Asset
  46. AS25 Block Group Asset
  47. AUN0 Analysis of an asset and its environment: Data collect. and analysis
  48. AUVA Incomplete Assets – Detail List
  49. AW01N Asset Explorer
  50. BPC1 Create Business Partner
  51. BPC2 Change Business Partner
  52. BPC3 Display Business Partner
  53. BPC4 Create business partner from customer
  54. BPC5 Change business partner with customer reference
  55. BPCD Change Documents (business partner)
  56. CRF1 Payment Cards: Read, Display, Check, Save Incoming File
  57. CRF2 Payment Cards: Delete Saved File
  58. CRF3 Payment Cards: Display File, Create Postings, Edit Log
  59. CRK1 Card Document Create
  60. CRK2 Card Document Change
  61. CRK3 Card Document Display
  62. CRS1 Payment Card Master Record Create
  63. CRS2 Payment Card Master Record Change
  64. CRS3 Payment Card Master Record Display
  65. CXL1 Create Ledger
  66. CXL2 Change Ledger: Overview
  67. CXL3 Display Ledger: Overview
  68. CXL4 Delete Ledger
  69. F.03 Financial Accounting Comparative Analysis
  70. F.05 Foreign Currency Valuation
  71. F.07 Carry Forward Receivables/Payables
  72. F.08 G/L: Account Balances
  73. F.09 G/L: Account List
  74. F.10 Chart of Accounts
  75. F.13 Automatic Clearing
  76. F.14 Create Posting Documents from Recurring Documents
  77. F.15 Recurring Entry Documents
  78. F.19 Analyze GR/IR Clearing Accountsand Display Acquisition Tax
  79. F.1A Grouping Customer/Vendor Master Records
  80. F.20 Customer List
  81. F.21 List of Customer Line Items
  82. F.22 Customer Evaluation with OI Sorted List
  83. F.23 Customer Balances in Local Currency
  84. F.24 Calculate Interest on Arrears
  85. F.25 Bill of Exchange List
  86. F.26 Customer Interest Scale
  87. F.27 Periodic Account Statements
  88. F.28 SD, FI: Recreation of Credit Data after Organizational Changes
  89. F.31 Credit Overview
  90. F.32 Customers with Missing Credit Data
  91. F.35 Credit Master Sheet
  92. F.38 Deferred Tax Transfer
  93. F.40 Vendor List
  94. F.41 List of Vndor Line Items
  95. F.42 Vendor Balances in Local Currency
  96. F.44 Vendor Interest Scale
  97. F.45 Define Background Job
  98. F.50 Profit and Loss Adjustment
  99. F.51 General Ledger Line Items
  100. F.52 G/L Account Interest Scale
  101. F.53 Account Assignment Manual
  102. F.56 Delete Reference Documents
  103. F.57 Delete Reference Documents
  104. F.58 Open Item Account Balance Audit Trail from the Document File
  105. F.5D Calculate Balance Sheet Adjustment
  106. F.5E Post Balance Sheet Adjustment
  107. F.64 Maintain Correspondence Requests
  108. F.80 Mass Reversal of Documents
  109. F.81 Reverse Accrual/Deferral Documents
  110. F.97 Application Tree Report Selection General Ledger
  111. F.98 Application Tree Report Selection Vendors
  112. F.99 Application Tree Report Selection Customers
  113. F/LA Create Pricing Report
  114. F/LB Change Pricing Report
  115. F/LC Display Pricing report
  116. F000 Financial Accounting Information System
  117. F-01 Enter Sample Document Header Data
  118. F-02 Enter G/L Account Posting
  119. F-03 Clear G/L Account
  120. F-04 Post with Clearing
  121. F-05 Post Foreign Currency Valuation
  122. F-06 Post Incoming Payments
  123. F-07 Post Outgoing Payments
  124. F110 Parameters for automatic payment
  125. F110S Report for the Automatic Scheduling of the Payment Program
  126. F111 Automatic Payment Transactions for Payment Requests
  127. F150 Dunning
  128. F-19 Reverse Statistical Posting: Header Data
  129. F-20 Reverse Bill Liability: Header Data
  130. F-21 Enter Transfer Posting: Header Data
  131. F-22 Enter Customer Invoice: Header Data
  132. F-23 Return Bill of Exchange Pmt Request: Header Data
  133. F-26 Incoming Payments Fast Entry: Header Data
  134. F-27 Enter Customer Credit Memo: Header Data
  135. F-28 Post Incoming Payments: Header Data
  136. F-29 Post Customer Down Payment: Header Data
  137. F-30 Post with Clearing: Header Data
  138. F-31 Post Outgoing Payments: Header Data
  139. F-32 Clear Customer: Header Data
  140. F-33 Post Bill of Exchange Usage: Header Data
  141. F-34 Post Collection: Header Data
  142. F-35 Post Forfaiting: Header Data
  143. F-36 Bill of Exchange Payment: Header Data
  144. F-37 Customer Down Payment Request: Header Data
  145. F-38 Enter Statistical Posting: Header Data
  146. F-39 Clear Customer Down Payment: Header Data
  147. F-40 Bill of Exchange Payment: Header Data
  148. F-41 Enter Vendor Credit Memo: Header Data
  149. F-42 Enter Transfer Posting: Header Data
  150. F-43 Enter Vendor Invoice: Header Data
  151. F-44 Clear Vendor: Header Data
  152. F-47 Down Payment Request: Header Data
  153. F-48 Post Vendor Down Payment: Header Data
  154. F-49 Customer noted item
  155. F-51 Post with Clearing: Header Data
  156. F-52 Post Incoming Payments: Header Data
  157. F-53 Post Outgoing Payments: Header Data
  158. F-54 Clear Vendor Down Payment: Header Data
  159. F-55 Enter Statistical Posting: Header Data
  160. F-56 Reverse Statistical Posting: Header Data
  161. F-57 Vendor Noted Item: Header Data
  162. F-62 Change View “Currency Exchange Rates”: Overview
  163. F-63 Park Document: Document Header
  164. F-64 Park Document: Document Header
  165. F-65 Park Document: Document Header
  166. F-66 Park Document: Document Header
  167. F-67 Park Document: Document Header
  168. F801 Create Payment Request
  169. F802 Change payment request
  170. F803 Display payment request
  171. F804 Changes to payment requests
  172. F8BT Display Payment Requests
  173. F8BU Create Payment Runs for Payment Requests
  174. F8BV Reversal of bank-to-bank transfers
  175. F8BW Reverse Clearing of PaymenesRequests
  176. F8Q8 Create Posting Documents from Standing Requests
  177. F-90 Acquisition from purchase w. vendor
  178. F-91 Asset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing Acct: Header Data
  179. F-92 Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer: Header Data
  180. FB00 Accounting Editing Options
  181. FB01 Post Document: Header Data
  182. FB01L General Posting for Ledger Group: Header Data
  183. FB02 Change Document
  184. FB03 Display Document
  185. FB04 Document Changes
  186. FB05 Post with Clearing: Header Data
  187. FB08 Reverse Document: Header Data
  188. FB09 Change Line Items
  189. FB09D Display Line Items
  190. FB10 Invoice/Credit Fast Entry: Header Data
  191. FB11 Post Held Document: Header Data
  192. FB12 Request Correspondence
  193. FB13 Release Line Item
  194. FB1D Clear Customer: Header Data
  195. FB1K Clear Vendor: Header Data
  196. FB1S Clear G/L Account: Header Data
  197. FB21 Enter Statistical Posting: Header Data
  198. FB22 Reverse Statistical Posting: Header Data
  199. FB31 Enter Noted Item: Header Data
  200. FB50 Enter G/L Account Document: Company Code XXX
  201. FB50L Enter G/L Acct Document for Ledger Group
  202. FB60 Enter Vendor Invoice: Company Code XXX
  203. FB65 Enter Vendor Credit Memo: Company Code XXX
  204. FB70 Enter Customer Invoice: Company Code XXX
  205. FB75 Enter Customer Credit Memo: Company Code XXX
  206. FBA1 Customer Down Payment Request: Header Data
  207. FBA2 Post Customer Down Payment: Header Data
  208. FBA3 Clear Customer Down Payment: Header Data
  209. FBA6 Vendor Down Payment Request: Header Data
  210. FBA7 Post Vendor Down Payment: Header Data
  211. FBA8 Clear Vendor Down Payment: Header Data
  212. FBB1 Post Foreign Currency Valn: Header Data
  213. FBCJ Cash Journal XXX Company Code XXX
  214. FBD1 Enter Recurring Entry: Header Data
  215. FBD2 Change Recurring Document
  216. FBD3 Display Recurring Document
  217. FBD4 Recurring Document Changes
  218. FBD5 Realize Recurring Entry: Header Data
  219. FBD9 Enter Recurring Entry: Header Data
  220. FBE1 Create Payment Advice
  221. FBE2 Change Payment Advice
  222. FBE3 Display Payment Advice
  223. FBE6 Delete Payment Advice
  224. FBKP Maintain Accounting Configuration
  225. FBL1N Vendor Line Item Display
  226. FBL2N Vendor Line Item Display
  227. FBL3N G/L Account Line Item Display
  228. FBL4N G/L Account Line Item Display
  229. FBL5N Customer Line Item Display
  230. FBL6N Customer Line Item Display
  231. FBM1 Enter Sample Document
  232. FBM2 Change Sample Document
  233. FBM3 Display Sample Document
  234. FBM4 Sample Document Changes
  235. FBMA Display Dunning Procedure: List
  236. FBME SAP Easy Access Banks
  237. FBMP Maintain Dunning Procedure: List
  238. FBN1 Number Ranges for Accounting Documents
  239. FBN2 Internal number ranges for payment orders
  240. FBP1 Enter Payment Request
  241. FBR1 Post with Reference Document: Header Data
  242. FBR2 Post Document: Header Data
  243. FBRA Reset Cleared Items
  244. FBRC Reverse clearing with payment card data
  245. FBS1 Enter Accrual/Deferral Doc.: Header Data
  246. FBU2 Change Transaction
  247. FBU3 Display Transaction
  248. FBU8 Reverse Cross-Company Code Transaction: Header Data
  249. FBV0 Post Parked Document
  250. FBV1 Park Document: Document Header
  251. FBV2 Change Parked Document
  252. FBV3 Display Parked Document
  253. FBV4 Change Parked Document (Header)
  254. FBV5 Document changes of parked document
  255. FBV6 Reject Parked Document
  256. FBVB Post parked document
  257. FBW1 Enter Bill of Exchange Pmnt Request: Header Data
  258. FBW2 Post Bill of Exch. acc. to Pmt Request: Header Data
  259. FBW4 Reverse Bill Liability: Header Data
  260. FBW5 Customer Check/Bill of Exchange: Header Data
  261. FBW6 Vendor Check/Bill of Exchange
  262. FBZ0 Payment Proposal
  263. FBZ1 Post Incoming Payments: Header Data
  264. FBZ2 Post outgoing payments
  265. FBZ3 Incoming Payments Fast Entry: Header Data
  266. FBZ4 Payment with Printout: Header Data
  267. FBZ5 Print Form for Payment Document
  268. FBZ8 Display Payment Run
  269. FBZG Editing of Failed Payment Transactions
  270. FCH1 Display Check Information
  271. FCH2 Payment Document Checks
  272. FCH3 Void Checks Not Used
  273. FCH4 Renumber Checks
  274. FCH5 Create Check Information
  275. FCH6 Change Check Information/Cash Check
  276. FCH7 Reprint Check
  277. FCH8 Cancel Check Payment
  278. FCH9 Void Issued Checks
  279. FCHD Delete Check Information on Payment Run
  280. FCHE Delete Check Information on Voided Checks
  281. FCHF Delete Information on Checks Created Manually
  282. FCHG Reset Check Information Data
  283. FCHI Check Lots
  284. FCHK SAP Easy Access Check Management
  285. FCHN Check Register
  286. FCHR Online Cashed Checks
  287. FCHX Check Extract Creation
  288. FCMN SAP Easy Access Consolidation
  289. FD01 Customer Create
  290. FD02 Customer Change
  291. FD03 Customer Display
  292. FD04 Customer Account Changes
  293. FD05 Customer Block/Unblock
  294. FD06 Customer Flag for Deletion
  295. FD08 Customer Confirm Change
  296. FD09 Display/Confirm Critical Customer Changes
  297. FD10N Customer Balance Display
  298. FD10NA Customer Balance Display
  299. FD11 Customer: Initial Screen Account Analysis
  300. FD15 Transfer Customer Master Data from Source Company Code
  301. FD16 Transfer customer changes: Receive
  302. FD24 Credit Management Changes
  303. FD32 Customer Credit Management Change
  304. FD33 Customer Credit Management Display
  305. FDIC Currency Translation Type
  306. FEBA Edit Bank Statement
  307. FEBP Post electronic bank statement
  308. FF.5 Select Program: Import Electronic Bank Statement
  309. FF.6 Select Program: Display Electronic Bank Statement
  310. FF_3 Cashed Checks per Bank Account
  311. FF_4 Outstanding Checks Analysis per G/L Account and Vendor
  312. FF_5 Bank Statements: Various Formats
  313. FF_6 Display electronic bank statement
  314. FF63 Create Memo Record
  315. FF67 Process Manual Bank Statement
  316. FF68 Edit Check Deposit List
  317. FF6B Memo Records: List
  318. FF71 Cash Management and Forecast
  319. FF72 Cash Management and Forecast
  320. FF73 Automatic Cash Concentration
  321. FF74 Access Automatic Cash Concentration Using a Program
  322. FF7A Cash Management and Forecast
  323. FF7B Cash Management and Forecast
  324. FG99 Flexible G/L: Report selection
  325. FGI0 Execute Drill-Down Report
  326. FGI1 Create Drill-Down Report
  327. FGI2 Change Report: Settings
  328. FGI3 Display Report: Settings
  329. FGI4 Report Painter: Create Form
  330. FGI5 Report Painter: Change Form
  331. FGI6 Report Painter: Display Form
  332. FI01 Create Bank
  333. FI02 Change Bank
  334. FI03 Display Bank
  335. FI04 Bank Data Changes
  336. FI06 Set bank Deletion Flag
  337. FIAA SAP Easy Access Asset Accounting Information System
  338. FK01 Create Vendor
  339. FK02 Change Vendor
  340. FK03 Display Vendor
  341. FK04 Vendor Account Changes
  342. FK05 Block/Unblock Vendor
  343. FK06 Flag for Deletion Vendor
  344. FK08 Confirm Change Vendor
  345. FK09 Display/Confirm Critical Vendor Changes
  346. FK10N Vendor Balance Display
  347. FKI0 Execute Drill-Down Report
  348. FKI1 Create Drill-Down Report
  349. FKI2 Change Report: Settings
  350. FKI3 Display Report: Settings
  351. FKI4 Report Painter: Create Form
  352. FKI5 Report Painter: Change Form
  353. FKI6 Report Painter: Display Form
  354. FKMT Account Assignment Model
  355. FLB1 Postprocessing Lockbox Data
  356. FLB2 Main Lockbox Program
  357. FLBP Main Lockbox Program
  358. FM03 Display FM Document
  359. FM5I Create Fund
  360. FM5S Display Fund
  361. FM5U Change Fund
  362. FM9B Copy Budget Version
  363. FM9C Plan Data Transfer from CO
  364. FM9D Lock Budget Version
  365. FM9E Unlock Budget Version
  366. FMEDD Display Entry Document
  367. FMN0 Transfer Documents from Financial Accounting
  368. FMR1 Actual/commitment report
  369. FMR3 Plan/Actual/Commitment Report
  370. FMSA Create Funds Center in FM Area
  371. FMX1 Funds Reservation: Create InitScrn
  372. FMX2 Funds Reservation: Change InitScrn
  373. FMX3 Funds Reservation: Display InitScrn
  374. FMY1 Funds precommitment: Create InitScrn
  375. FMY2 Funds precommitment: Change InitScrn
  376. FMY3 Funds precommitment: Display InitScrn
  377. FPS3 Same day Statement: Create memo records
  378. FQUK Query from User Group FK
  379. FS00 Edit G/L Account Centrally
  380. FS01 Edit G/L Account Centrally
  381. FS02 Edit G/L Account Centrally
  382. FS03 Edit G/L Account Centrally
  383. FS04 Central G/L Account Changes
  384. FS05 Edit G/L Account Centrally
  385. FS06 Edit G/L Account Centrally
  386. FS10N G/L Account Balance Display
  387. FSE2 Change Financial Statement Version
  388. FSP0 Edit G/L Account Chart of accts data
  389. FSP1 Edit G/L Account Chart of accts data
  390. FSP2 Edit G/L Account Chart of accts data
  391. FSP3 Edit G/L Account Chart of accts data
  392. FSP4 G/L Account Changes in Chart of Accts
  393. FSS4 G/L Account Changes in Comp. Code
  394. FV50 Park G/L Account Document
  395. FV60 Park Vendor Invoice
  396. FV65 Park Vendor Credit Memo
  397. FWBS Manual Posting
  398. FWDP Securities: Securities Account List
  399. FWOEZ Manual Posting / Debit Position: Reverse
  400. FWSO Securities: Automatic Debit Position
  401. FWUP Securities: Update Planned Records
  402. FWZE Manual Debit Position
  403. FWZZ Display Class – Product Type: ID Number
  404. FZM4 SAP Easy Access Treasury Management Information System
  405. FZMN SAP Easy Access Treasury Management Basic Functions
  406. IM01 Create Inv. Program Definition
  407. IM02 Change Inv. Program Definition
  408. IM03 Display Inv. Program Definition
  409. IM05 Reassignment of measures/app. Requests
  410. IM22 Change Inv. Program Structure
  411. IM23 Display Inv. Program Structure
  412. IM27 Open New Approval Year
  413. IM30 Change Program Budget Supplement
  414. IM31 Display Program Budget Supplement
  415. IM32 Change Original Program Budget
  416. IM33 Display Original Program Budget
  417. IM34 Rollup of plan values
  418. IM35 Change Program Planning
  419. IM36 Display Program Planning
  420. IM38 Change Program Budget Return
  421. IM39 Display Program Budget Return
  422. IM52 Budget distribution
  423. IM53 Display budget distribution
  424. IMA11 Display Appropriation Request
  425. IMCAOV Investment Program Budget Carryforward
  426. IMCCV1 Copy Plan Version (Investment Program)
  427. IMR4 Master data list – App. requests w/o %distrib., w/o variants
  428. IMR5 Master data list – App. requests with %distrib., w/o variants
  429. IMR6 Master data list – App. requests w/o %distrib., w/variants
  430. IMR7 Master data list – App. requests with %distrib., w/variants
  431. MIR4 Display Invoice Document
  432. MIR6 Invoice overview – selection criteria
  433. MIR7 Park Incoming Invoice
  434. MIRA Enter Incoming Invoice
  435. MIRO Enter Incoming Invoice
  436. MR8M Cancel Invoice Document
  437. MRBR Release Blocked Invoices
  438. MRKO Consignment and Pipeline Settlement
  439. MRRL Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) with Logistics Invoice Verification
  440. OADB Change View “Define Depreciation Areas” : Overview
  441. OAY2 Change View “Asset class”: Overview
  442. OB08 Change View “Currency Exchange Rates”: Overview
  443. OB52 Change View “Posting Periods: Specify Time Intervals”: Overview
  444. OB55 Maintain Worklists: Objects
  445. TBB1 Treasury: Post Flows
  446. TBB4 Treasury: Accrual/Deferral of Expenses and Revenues
  447. TBB5 Treasury: Reverse Accrual/Deferral
  448. TBI1 Create/Change Payment Details
  449. TBI5 Create/Change Standing Instructions Corresp.
  450. TBI5D Standing Instructions Correspondence
  451. TBI6 Create/Change Transaction Authorization
  452. TBI7 Create/Change Derived Flows
  453. TBT1 Create/Change Trans. Authorization for Trader
  454. TBZ1 Create Correspondence on Basis of Planned Records
  455. TBZ11 Correspondence Monitor
  456. TI10 Create Interest Rate Adjustment
  457. TI11 Change Interest Rate Adjustment
  458. TI12 Display Interest Rate Adjustment
  459. TI37 Reverse Interest Rate Adjustment
  460. TI90 Manua; Posting Release
  461. TI93 Manual Posting Block
  462. TJ05 Automatic interest rate adjustment
  463. TJ09 Update Planned Records
  464. TK11 Create Condition Records
  465. TK12 Change Condition Records
  466. TK13 Display Condition Records
  467. TK14 Create Condition Records with Reference
  468. TM_60 Facilities: Lines of Credit and Utilization
  469. TM_60A Facilities: Lines of Credit, Drawings and Fees
  470. TM00 Money Market: Collective Processing
  471. TM1F Deposit at notice fast entry
  472. TM20 Time Deposit – Fast Processing
  473. TM21 Deposits at Notice Cash Flow Update
  474. TM22 Date Check
  475. TMFM Money Market: Generate the Cash Flow
  476. TMR1 Money Market: Position List
  477. TPM1 Execute Valuation
  478. TPM10 Fix.. Post or Reverse Transactions
  479. TPM12 Subledger Positions
  480. TPM13 Subledger Cash Flow
  481. TPM18 Fix and Post Derived Business Transactions
  482. TPM2 Reverse Valuation
  483. TPM20 Posting Journal
  484. TPM26 Position List for Quantity Ledger Positions
  485. TPM27 Generate Derived Flows
  486. TPM40 Display Class Cash Flow for Sec. Account
  487. TPM41 Display Securities Account Position List
  488. TPM42 Display Class Position List
  489. TPM44 Treasury Products: Accrual/Deferral of Income
  490. TPM45 Treasury Products: Reverse Accrual/Deferral of Income
  491. TPM57A Display Position Indicator
  492. TPM57C Display Position Indicator
  493. TS00 Securities: Collective Processing
  494. TS01 Create Security Transaction
  495. TS02 Change Security Transaction
  496. TS03 Execute Security Order
  497. TS04 Settle Security Contract
  498. TS07 Reverse Security Transaction
  499. TS08 History of Security Transaction
  500. WL00 SAP Easy Access Vendor
  501. WPCA Payment Cards: Execute Settlement
  502. XD01 Customer Create
  503. XD02 Customer Change
  504. XD03 Customer Display
  505. XD04 Customer Account Changes
  506. XD05 Customer Block/Unblock
  507. XD06 Customer Flag for Deletion
  508. XD07 Change Account Group
  509. XD99 Mass Maintenance: Customers
  510. XDN1 Customer Number Ranges
  511. XEIP Number Range for Export/Import
  512. XK01 Create Vendor
  513. XK02 Change Vendor
  514. XK03 Display Vendor
  515. XK04 Vendor Account Changes
  516. XK05 Block/Unblock Vendor
  517. XK06 Flag for Deletion Vendor
  518. XK07 Change Account Group
  519. XK99 Mass Maintenance: Vendors

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