Maintain Number Ranges for controlling area

Maintain Number Ranges for controlling areaNumber ranges are defined for a controlling area to get posting all the controlling documents generated and posted to controlling module. You can track any controlling document by the document number created with the help of number range. To define it for controlling area, you use the transaction code KANK. You can also follow the following path to create number range for controlling areas;

SPRO > Controlling > General Controlling > Organization > Maintain Number ranges for controlling documents

Number range created for controlling module can be defined in following ways;

  1. internally
  2. externally

In the case of internally assigned number range, sap system allots numbers sequentially to the document generated in controlling module. The last number available with this range will get assigned to the document generated and then the next number will be kept to be assigned. If any document deleted then that document number can be tracked and the audit trail can be obtained through this system. SAP consultants always recommend selecting the internally generated number range as it will provide you the audit trail of the transaction and it’s a better way of tracking a document. 

In external number range assignment, system will not automatically allot document number. The person entering the transaction has to manually feed the document and that number will be the document number. This can be alphanumeric and user has the choice of using the numbers and letters. This system will not give you any option of tracking the document number.

Once you reach the screen for creation of number range you will have following two options to get created;

  1. you can copy an existing range or
  2. you create your own for the controlling area

Copying is always recommended as it’s the best way of creating your group of number range. You can copy and change the existing group.

How to copy an already existing number range for controlling area

  • In the initial screen you need to enter your controlling area four digit ID (created with transaction code OKKP).
  • To copy the number range, you need to click on the copy icon available on the top of the screen or F7.
  • Enter your controlling area in the field TO and in the FROM files enter the controlling area from which you want to copy. For example if your controlling area is CON1 and the controlling area from which you want to copy the number range is CON2 then in the FROM field your enter CON2 and in the TO filed you need to enter CON1. After entering controlling area you need to click on copy icon.
  • After copying all the number ranges, click on “Maintain Group Icon” to take you to the controlling area groups.
  • Next the number range groups will appear and you need to tick those groups that are at the bottom of the screen and required to be assigned. Groups on the top of the screens are assigned to range.
  • To assign the unselected group to the range of selected group you need to click on the group and then click on “select element” or F2 to choose it. After clicking on it the line will change its color to blue.
  • Now click on any groups on the top portion of the screen and click on “assign element group” to get it assigned to that group.
  • After that you can see the not assigned part under the group you selected.

As explained above you can assign all unassigned elements to a particular group of your choice.

How to create a number range manually for controlling area

  1. Follow the same path as mentioned above and enter your controlling ID in the initial screen.
  2. Then press enter. From the top drop down menu select group > insert
  3. Put the number range in from and to tab and select the internal and external assignment tab in the right of the screen.
  4. in the text field you can name your number range

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