OBY6 – How to maintain Company Code Global Settings in one T Code

OBY6 – How to maintain Company Code Global Settings in one T CodeCompany code global setting is a place where you can assign various fields to your company code or you can see what things assigned to your company code. If you are a not finance person and wanted to see the setting specific to a company code then this is the place for you.

Path for Company Code Global Settings: SPRO > Financial Accounting > Financial Accounting Global Settings > Company Code > Enter Company Code Global Parameter

T Code: OBY6

Important fields that can be assigned or seen in Accounting Organization tab

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Company
  • Credit control area of a company code
  • Country Chart of Accounts
  • Fiscal Year Variant
  • Global Company Code
  • VAT Registration Number

Important fields that can be assigned or seen under Processing Parameters tab

  • Document entry screen variant
  • Field status Variant
  • Posting Period Variant
  • Maximum exchange rate deviation
  • Crcy translation for tax
  • Company code and controlling area assignment
  • Cost of sales accounting actv
  • Negative posting permitted
  • Cash management activated
  • Business area fin. Statements
  • Propose fiscal year
  • Define default value date
  • No forex rate diff when clearing in LC
  • Tax base is net value
  • Discount base is net value

Assignments from this t code can be done but the problem will be in transporting the configuration from development box to other boxes. The required table may not be transported if the configuration is done from this tab. So it’s always advisable to do the configuration from the desired tab as specifically provided in SAP Financial Module.

If the fields “Propose fiscal year” and “Define default value date” has been checked then default value for fiscal year and the transaction date will automatically defaulted while entering any transaction to SAP FI module.

If two fields “Tax base is net value” and “Discount base is net value” are set then the tax and discount is calculated on the net value.


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