How to define a operating concern in SAP

Operating Concern in SAP COOperating concern or OPCON is the highest organizational structure in SAP controlling module if you want to implement SAP Profitability Analysis (COPA). Your business will be divided into different segments (i.e. by product, marketing and other segments) and each segment’s profitability can be analyzed through this module. It’s creation is client independent i.e. if you create it in Development box then the same will be reflected in your quality, testing and production box. You need to just activate it in the respective boxes.

Through this you can collect the revenues from the sales and distribution module, costs from controlling module and analyze the results on the basis of segments created in it. 

Possible ways of analyzing Profitability Analysis;

  • Profit by products
  • Profit by certain region
  • Profit by certain customer
  • Profit by certain Sales Person

How to Define Operating Concern

It can be defined through transaction code KEP8 or through the following path;

SPRO > Enterprise Structure > Maintain Structure > Definition > Controlling > Maintain Operating Concern

When you follow the above path you will find a screen to enter the name and description. You need to enter a four digits ID to represent your Operating Concern and a description for it.

After entering the above details just save the settings and come back from the screen.

It can be maintained through following path and can also be maintained with transaction code KEA0;

SPRO > Controlling > Profitability analysis > Structures > Define Operating Concern > Maintain Operating Concern

Assign it to a controlling area

Assignment of controlling area to Operating Concern can be done through transaction code KEKK or through following path;

SPRO > Enterprise Structure > Assignment > Controlling > Assign Controlling area to operating concern

You can assign one Operating Concern to more than one controlling area but more than one OPCON can not be assigned to one controlling area.

How to set Operating Concern

You can have more than one OPCON created in your SAP system. If you are working in a particular configuration then system will by default use the operating concern that is currently in use. To get into another OPCON settings or to change the defaulted operating concern in SAP you use the T code KEBD. You can also use following path;

SPRO > Controlling > Profitability Analysis > Structures > Set Operating Concern

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