Other Important Transaction Code

I Other Transactions Code
1 Copy Company Code Settings from one Company Code to another EC01
2 Copy Number Ranges from one Company Code to another OBH1
3 Copy Number Ranges from one Fiscal Year to another OBH2
4 To see the changes in the G/L Account Master FS04
5 Define Posting Keys OB41
6 Define Line Item Text Templates OB56
7 Define Countries – Define Group Currency OY01
8 Define Additional Local Currencies for Company Code OB22
9 Define Account Assignment Model FKMT
10 Define Fast Entry Screens O7E6
11 Accounting Editing Options FB00
12 Reset Transaction Data – Delete Transaction Data in a Company Code OBR1
13 Deleting Master Data – Customers, Vendors & G/L Accounts OBR2
14 Transport Chart of Accounts OBY9
15 Copy G/L Accounts from One Company Code to another OBY2
16 Copy Chart of Accounts and Account Determinations OBY7
17 Delete Chart of Accounts OBY8
18 Maintain Validation GGB0
19 Activate Validation OB28
20 Maintain Substitution GGB1
21 Activate Substitution OBBH
22 Display Intercompany Document FBU3
23 Define Clearing Accounts for Intercompany Transactions OBYA
II Other Transaction Code – Technical
1 To View Transport Request SE01; SE09; SE10
2 To Post Batch Input Session SM35
3 Table Maintenance View Screen SM30
4 To View Spool Requests SP01
5 To View Background Jobs SM37
6 ABAP Data Dictionary SE11
7 ABAP Data Browser SE16
8 ABAP Editor SE38
9 SAP Quick Viewer SQVI
III Document Parking
1 Creation of Parked Document F-65
2 Send System Message SO00
3 Display Parked Documents FBV0
IV Hold Documents
1 Run Program “RFTMPBLU” for conversion of Held Documents SE38
2 Creation of Hold Document: From the Menu DocumentàHold F-02
3 Display Held Documents FB11
V Transaction Code for Sample Documents
1 Creation of Number Range “X2” for Sample Documents FBN1
2 Creation of Sample Document F-01
3 Display Sample Documents FBM3
4 Posting of a Document with reference to Sample Document (or) F-02 : From the Menu DocumentàPost with Reference FBR2
VI Accrual/Deferral Documents
1 Creation of Reversal Reason
2 Creation of Accrual/Deferral Document FBS1
3 Reversal of Accrual/Deferral Document F.81
VII Transaction Code for Recurring Documents
1 Creation of Number Range “X1” for Recurring Documents FBN1
2 Creation of Recurring Document FBD1
3 Display of Recurring Document F.15
4 Posting of Transactions by using Recurring Document templates by way of Batch Input Session F.14
5 Change Recurring Document FBD2
6 Define Document Change Rules OB32
VIII Transaction Code for Open Item Management  
1 Full Clearing
2 Partial Clearing
3 Balance Clearing
4 Residual Clearing
IX Transaction code for Reversals  
1 Individual Reversal FB08
2 Mass Reversal F.80
3 Reversal of a Reversed Document FBR2
4 Reversal of a Cleared Item FBRA
5 Accrual/Deferral Reversal F.81

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