Best selling personal finance books to read

Personal finance is the most important thing that every one of us should learn for financial independence. There are great authors who have written wonderful books to guide us and teach us about money and how to make more money.

In our previous article we have listed 5 best investment books for beginners to start investing in stock market. In this article we have recommended 5 best personal finance books for our readers to read to have a better understanding of money and to know how to make more money for future.

All these personal finance books are good and worth buying.

Think and Grow Rich

Think-and-Grow-RichThink and grow rich is written by Napoleon Hill in way back 1930s after interviewing millionaires who successfully changed their fortune. This is one of the bestselling books on personal finance which not only motivate you to earn money but also will tell you how to get started and what others did to become a successful entrepreneur.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

rich dad poor dad

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is written by one of the great personal finance author Robert T Kiyosaki. Rich Dad, Poor Dad has beautifully explained how a non educated father became a millionaire. This book explains that financial success cannot be determined by what you know, but how you apply what you know.

The Total Money Makeover

Best selling personal finance books to read

If you are in trouble with debt then we recommend the total money makeover for you. Renowned radio and TV superstar, Dave Ramsey in this personal finance book has explained how to get out of debt. He also explained how to manage loans, credit card debt, mortgage, emergency fund and other interest incurring debts to reach financial peace.

The Millionaire Next Door

the millionaire next door

The millionaire next door Written by Thomas Stanley and William Danko is best for people in their 20s who have just come into the game of personal finance. In his book “The Millionaire Next Door” Thomas Stanley and William Danko talks about the basics of personal finance with simple lessons and consistent instructions to develop good habits from the beginning.

One can also read automatic millionaire, written by David back. All these books are good and will give you knowledge on how to manage your personal finance.

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