Points to be remembered in group interview

There may be a situation where you may be asked to speak to four or five interviewer at a time in a group interview. Following 3 additional tips can help you in a group interview;

  • Hand shake

Group interview are conducted to know how well you can work in a team. This will also reflect your communication skills and inter personal skills. Before you start in your interview try to shake hands with each person in the group with direct eye contact, a smile and a simple “hello” or “good morning”.

  • Eye contact

Make eye contact with everyone while talking during your group interview. You should make eye contact with the person who asked questions and with others who are listening to you. Your eye contact should not be more than 2-3 second per person.

  • Thank you notes

At the end of the group interview you should thank each and every person before living the place. If you don’t know them by name, then sir/madam will do.

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