Posting Key used in SAP FI Module

Posting key in SAP is specified or defaulted for each line item and it controls how the line item is entered and processed. These Posting keys in SAP determines three parameters – Account Type, Debit or Credit, Field status of all other fields in the line item. Posting key in SAP determines:

  • What data can be entered in the line item
  • How the data that is to be posted is processed further, and
  • How the system updates the data that is entered.

These posting keys in SAP are differentiated by customer, vendor and General Ledger accounts. The following table lists some of the posting keys in SAP from the standard system.

Posting key In SAPDescription for Posting Key
40G/L account debit posting
50G/L account credit posting
01Customer invoice
11Customer credit memo
21Vendor credit memo
31Vendor invoice

Posting Keys in SAP are defined at client level and therefore apply to all company codes. The Financial Accounting application is delivered with predefined posting keys.

It is recommended that all such standard posting keys are to be used in SAP.  If these are changed or new ones are defined then all reference tables to these posting keys must be maintained. Before deleting it, care should be taken to ensure that these are not already used in the system.

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