Profit center assignment monitor – 1KE4

Profit center assignment monitor – 1KE4Profit center assignment monitor provides the list of all assigned and unassigned objects. You can see the list of assigned objects and unassigned object to the profit center.

To view profit center assignment to object you use transaction code 1KE4 or following path;

SAP Menu > Accounting > Controlling > Profit Center Accounting > Master Data > 1KE4 – Assignment Monitor

From the profit center assignment monitor screen you need to select Assignment monitor > Orders > Assigned orders/Unassigned

A screen to enter the order category and order type will be displayed for you to enter. Enter those details and press enter. You can run this transaction in background with the use of a job and later on can monitor the job see your result.

From the order assignment or unassigned you can check for all the orders created in sap i.e. internal order, production order, process order, maintenance order etc.

Select the actual order category before you execute.

After execution you will be displayed with a list of assigned/unassigned orders. It will show you the details based on company code, order type and the order.

Same you can go back and try with some other order types or cost centers as per your requirement. Transaction 1KE4 is very useful for use before you post any transaction to sap profit center accounting. If you find any unassigned order or cost centers then you can go ahead and reassign the profit center to it. But if you do this after entering a transaction then it will not have retrospective impact i.e. prior transactions will not be changed.

When you post transactions with a wrong profit center it will lead to incorrect transaction data in profit center accounting.  We have just shown you an example with the help of this transaction you can monitor the assignment for other below objects;

  • Internal order
  • Product cost collector
  • Cost centers
  • Materials
  • Orders

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