What questions you should ask to your interviewer

It’s always a good idea to come prepare with at least 5 questions to ask your interviewer. Towards the end of interview, you may be asked with a question like “do you have any questions for us” or “what can I answer for you”. Not everyone takes it. As a smart person you should take advantage of this and ask questions to have a better sense of the company’s growth opportunities and culture.

What questions you should ask to your interviewerNot asking questions is one of the most detrimental mistakes which can send a wrong message that you may not be that interested in the position. By asking right questions to the interviewer you can show that you have done your homework on the company and are serious about the opportunity. Asking a bad question is worse than asking none at all.

To get prepared, we suggest you to list down questions that can be asked to any interviewer. By doing this you will be always be ready with questions when the interviewer asks “if you have any questions”. Before going for interview just note down 5 questions out of the list that you should be asking the current interviewer. Keep updating the list so that you will be acquainted with it.

It’s a mistake to ask questions which you can find with a Google search on internet. It can send a message to the interviewer that you are not prepared enough and just grasping for a question to ask.

To get you thinking we have put together a list of questions which can be asked during your interview. Before you pick and choose a question from the following list, be sure to consider the culture of the company you are hoping to join and the nature of the interviewer. As a job seeker you should ask questions that showcase your interest in the position and company as a whole.

Possible questions to ask your interviewer

  • What are the prospects of professional growth and advancement in this job opportunity?
  • Would you like to have a list of references?
  • Can you please describe the company’s culture and leadership philosophy?
  • When can I expect to hear from you?
  • How do you see the current position contributing to the company’s success?
  • What type of training opportunities can you offer?
  • What improvement or changes you want the new candidates to bring to this position?
  • Do you like working here?
  • Who will be my boss and who is on the team?
  • How receptive are you to feedback from your employees?
  • In what way is performance of your employees are measured and reviewed?

Questions you should not ask to your interviewer

  • What does this company do?
  • When can I join?
  • When could I apply for a promotion? Instead you can ask “is there a chance for promotion in the future”
  • What is the company’s most popular product?

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