How to recover income tax efilling password

Sometime it happens that we forget our log-in ID and password of our email account or internet banking. To recover these passwords depends on your email provider or banking company’s policy but how about resetting password of online tax e-filling account.

A normal tax payer uses his e-filling account only once in a year to e-file his tax return which increases the chances of forgetting login ID and password.How to recover income tax efilling password

For tax e-filling login account, your PAN is your user ID and the password is the one that you have selected at the time of registering at tax e-filling website. Another thing that is required for logging in is your date of birth. So you can forget one thing that needs to be obtained from IT department is your password.  

If you have forgotten your password then there are two ways to reset it. The first way to reset your password is to do it online with the option available at income tax website. The other option which you should try is to drop a mail to IT department for resetting your password.

Resetting your password online

To reset your password online you have three alternatives available at tax e-filling website;

  1. Answer the secret question
  2. Upload digital signature certificate
  3. Enter e-filling acknowledgement number and bank account number

Visit this URL to reset your income tax password online and then enter the PAN number in place of User ID and then image text and press continue button. Three options of resetting your password will be displayed to you.

In the first option you need to answer the secret question that you have selected while registering into tax e-filling website. If you know the answer then you can reset your password. After answering the question you will be directed to a screen where you need to press submit after verifying your registered email ID. From this screen you can also change the registered email id before pressing the submit button. After pressing submit button your password will be sent to the new email id or the earlier registered email ID.

Second option will be selected by those peoples who have registered their digital signature with IT department. If you have registered your digital signature then you can use it to reset your password.

If you have already filled your tax return electronically then the acknowledgement that is generated after uploading your tax return can be used in the third option. With the acknowledgement number you have to enter the bank account number that is used while filling your income tax return.

By using any of the method you can generate the password. If you are unable to use the above option then you can try by sending an email to IT department. By sending an email, IT department will reset your password and send you a new password to login.

Reset tax password through email

If any of the above methods failed or you are unable to use because of non availability of information then you can reset your password by sending an email to with following details;

  1. Pan number
  2. Name as in PAN card
  3. Date of birth
  4. Fathers name as in PAN card
  5. Mailing address as in PAN card
  6. your registered email ID

After sending this email, your e-filling password will be reset by IT department and it will be sent to your registered email ID. With the new password from IT department you can reset the password and use it for your login. Please remember IT department will not send password to any other email ID other than your registered email ID.

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