Reverse of Depreciation posting in SAP FICO

Reversal Depreciation posting run in SAP is very easy. It occurs when there are changes to the depreciation parameters.

Suppose after a depreciation posting you found out that there is a change in the useful lives of your assets or changes in the depreciation keys assigned to your assets. Transactions such as asset retirements and transfers also affect the calculation of depreciation.

To make the correct posting in SAP, you need to make changes in configuration first and then you need to perform the recalculation procedure. After the recalculation procedure SAP recalculate depreciation from the start of the asset’s life. Difference will be posted to SAP and by bringing the assets in line with the plan.

Note: Point to be remembered is that, if you change the cost center assigned to an asset then the depreciation expense will never be reposted. In that case you have to do it with a manual adjustment in the depreciation expense accounts.

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