How to become a SAP FICO consultant

FICO module is the most important module of SAP. To become a SAP FICO consultant you are required to give lots of hard work and dedication in learning the process and configuration steps.

At your early stage of career, you should not expect much salary. For first few years you should concentrate on learning each part of SAP FICO module. After few years of working as a SAP FICO consultant you can get into some other company to get high salary.

If you opt to become a SAP FICO consultant then this article is intended to guide you in this regard.

How to become a SAP FICO consultant

Steps to become a SAP FICO consultant

Full process of getting into the entry level positions of a company as a sap fico consultant will not take more than 6 months time. When companies hire fresher from market they invest lots of time and money to train these professionals in proper direction of becoming a SAP FICO consultant. So for that you have to give at least 2 years time in a company to learn how a project works and what SAP FICO consultant do in a company.

If you are not having any financial background then we suggest you to take few months to learn basic process of accounting and accounting entries. This will help you in understanding the process and flow better. Companies prefer to have sap fico consultant with domain experience as they are the one who can understand the process better within SAP. So evaluate your level of knowledge in finance before starting your career as a SAP FICO consultant.

Gain basic knowledge about SAP. Try to know what it is and how it’s started. You can also read our article “what is sap” to know more about it.

If you are satisfied with your basic enquiry then in following steps you will learn how to get started as a SAP FICO Consultant.

Step 1

Take training of FICO module in an authorized center. FICO has two modules. These authorized centers offer to have training in either FI or CO module. You can join any one of the module or take training of both FICO. At the end you are required to appear for exams which will award you FI or CO certification certificate from SAP. This certificate has lots of value in job market.

You can also take training on your own and have knowledge on SAP FICO module. We have seen many people having end user experience started their career as a SAP FICO consultant without training and certification as companies prefer them than a fresher.

Siemens is one of the authorized training centers for SAP. Training in any of these authorized service center is expensive but its worth investing.

Step 2

Use practical training to learn each part of FICO module. You can use these authorised service centers’s lab or any other mode to learn it. You can invest 3 months after certification into practical training to learn SAP FICO.

Step 3

If you have domain experience of 3-5 years and used SAP in an organization then try joining big IT companies like IBM, Accenture, Deloitte as a SAP trainee or into a support projects.

These companies prefer domain experience than a fresher and train them in their internal project to learn SAP FICO. Yes, many of these companies take a bond of 2-3 years for not leaving their company after completion of training. So be prepared for that.

If you are not getting a direct entry to these IT companies because of not having much experience then try joining a company where sap is implemented or in process of implementation. Gain knowledge of full process and sap. After having complete knowledge in this area, you can sift your career from an end user to a SAP FICO consultant.

Joining any IT companies will not be enough to have a career in SAP FICO. It’s an area which is continuously changing and you are required to be with the change. Keep updating your knowledge. Good Luck!

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