SAP FICO Interview Questions Part 10

How do you control document line item fields in sap fi transaction posting?

Document line item fields are controlled by the field status group assigned to the general ledger master and by the field status groups in posting key used for transaction posting.

We use transaction code FS00 to assign the field status group to gl account master. OB41 can be used to have a look on the field status group used in posting keys. 

Can I use one posting period variant for more than one company codes?

Yes, you can. Posting period variants are created at client level and assigned to the company codes. One posting period variants can be assigned to more than one company codes. But you can not assign more than one posting period to one company code.

What are the tolerance groups?

Tolerance group in sap is created as a variant and assigned back to the company code where you want to use it. We create 1) employee tolerance group 2) gl account tolerance limit 3) customer tolerance limit 4) vendor tolerance limit

How to reverse a cleared document?

First you have to change the cleared document to an open item and then reverse it. To make the cleared item as an open item we use transaction code FBRA and then use transaction code FCH8 to reverse it.

What is the difference between a park document and held document?

While posting a financial transaction we have an option to hold a document. We can hold a document while posting if sufficient information are not available at that time and you want to post the transaction after getting those information.

When we do not authorization to post a document we prepare the document and park it for your supervisor or higher authority to post. After getting it approved, the posting of document is completed.

You can delete both documents. Accounting document will be created after you post it in sap.

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