SAP FICO Interview Questions Part 12

SAP FICO Interview Questions Part 12

What are the segments we have in vendor master creation?

Vendor master has three segments i.e. 1) General Data Segment 2) Company code Segment 3) Purchase Organization Segment. These segments manage different fields for vendor masters.

General segment and company code segment are related to financial accounting module. SAP FI consultant needs to take care of these two segments.

Purchase organization segment is managed by MM consultant as this segment contains data related to purchase organization data. 

Why you link a customer with a vendor?

It may happen in an organization that the customer will also work like a vendor. If a customer is working like a vendor then we have to first assign the customer master account number to the vendor master record and the vendor master account number to the customer master record.

After such assignment we have to select the check box “clearing with vendor” option available in the customer master record in the company code data segment under payment transaction tab.

Same way in the vendor master we have to select the option of clearing with customer under the payment transaction tab.

After all this setting we can clear both by using transaction code F-28 or F-53.

How you make payment to an alternative payee?

We have to specify the alternative payee in the general data of vendor master record. We can also specify alternative payee in the company code area of vendor master. By specifying in both the places company code area specification will have priority.

To make payment to alternative payee we need to first create the vendor master with alternative payee and block the same for posting. The account number of the alternative payee should be specified in the payment transaction section of the vendor master.

How to clear two general ledger accounts in SAP?

We can clear only if both are open item managed gl accounts. To clear both general ledgers we can use transaction code F-04 – posting with clearing.

How to prevent duplicate vendor creation in sap?

We can configure the address match code fields to prevent duplicate vendor creation. This check will prevent more than one vendor creation with the same address. Even after creation, if you want to change address part of any vendor master to one existing address of another vendor master then sap will prevent you while doing so.

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