SAP FICO Interview Questions Part 16

SAP FICO Interview Questions Part 16

What is document currency in sap?

Currency entered in the header section of a financial accounting transaction is called document currency. After posting a transaction in document currency, SAP automatically calculate the amount in local currency and stored the amount in local currency.

What is FI substitution rule in sap?

Substitution rule will replace the value that you have set in it. The end user will not receive any error message while posting the transaction in sap. Substitutions are created and then activated at the company code level. Substitution rules are maintained with transaction code GGB1. 

What is FI validation in sap?

Validations are used in sap to check whether the prerequisite conditions are met before posting any transactions to financial accounting. If the validation conditions are not met then system will return an error message. For example if you want a particular business area to be posted for a particular transactions in a company code then that can be set as a validation rule. Anyone using that company code entered a difference business area will be returned with an error message to enter business area as mentioned in the validation rules.

Validation can be configured by using transaction code GGBO

Can you set validation for other modules like controlling?

Yes, validation can be set for controlling module. In addition to FI and CO validation rules can be set for following modules also;

  • Project system
  • Joint venture accounting
  • Special purpose ledger
  • Legal consolidation

What is call up points in SAP FI validation and Substitution?

Call up points in sap will determine the point at which validation rule as set in FI to run.

We have three call up points in sap FI validation;

  • Document entry
  • Line item
  • Complete Document

Document Entry

Document header level calls up points are used to validate entries at the header level of FI transactions.

Line Item

Line item calls up points are used to check line item entries within a financial accounting document.

Complete Document

Complete document is also known as matrix validation. If you set validation rules at this point then this call up point will check settings for the entire document.

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