SAP FICO Interview Questions Part 18

SAP FICO Interview Questions Part 18

Can we reverse a cleared document in sap?

Yes, If we have posted the cleared document through automatic payment program then it can be reversed with transaction code FBRA or by using path: SAP Menu > Accounting > Financial Accounting > Document > Reset cleared items

If we have used automatic payment program to clear the documents then transaction FCH8 can be used instead of FBRA.

What is the difference between document currency and local currency?

Document currency is entered while posting a transaction at the header section of a document. Once you enter a currency other than the local or company code currency as document currency, sap will translate the document currency to local currency and post the transaction value with that.

If your company code or local currency is INR and you entered USD as a document currency then system will translate the value entered to INR. 

What is the difference between normal and reversal posting in sap?

Reversal method is used to correct an incorrect posting. Sap uses two types of reversal method to correct a document. They are;

  • Normal reversal
  • Negative reversal

In normal reversal, each debit entry will get a credit entry for the same amount and a credit entry will get debit entry for an equal amount to the same account.

In negative reversal, the debit enter with a positive value will get a debit entry with same value but with negative sign. Similarly, a credit entry with a positive value will also get a credit entry with negative value. That is plus and minus entry will be equal to zero.

Suppose we have entered a transaction with following entry;

Expenses A/c Dr               Rs. 100

To Cash A/c Rs. 100

Normal reversal posting of the above entry would be;

Cash A/c Dr. Rs. 100

To Expenses A/c               Rs. 100

In Negative reversal posting following entry will be passed;

Expenses A/c Dr               Rs. – 100

Cash A/c                              Rs. – 100

What is noted items in sap?

Noted items are kept for informational purpose. It can be used to remind a user group of potential payment. Noted items will not update any general ledger account. Examples of noted items are down payment request.

Can we use one document types for both vendor and customer line items?

Yes, it can be done. While configuring document types by using transaction code OBA7 we have to select the types of account that document type to be used. If we select both customer and vendor as types of account allowed for a document type then it can be used for both.

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