SAP FICO Interview Questions Part 19

Can we reverse depreciation posting in sap?

Yes, it can be reversed in sap. We can reverse a depreciation posting if any mistake or change in depreciation parameters occur. For example if in depreciation parameter you want to change the life span of the asset then such change will affect the depreciation amount posted in sap.

For this we need to perform recalculation procedure and after it sap will consider the changed parameter and depreciation for the asset will be calculated based on new parameters.

Only the difference amount because of such changes will be posted to sap. 

What is asset history sheet in sap?

Asset history sheet provides the opening balance, closing balance, acquisition and retirement of asset, accumulated depreciation of the asset till year end.

We can get it in report format.

What is controlling area in sap? Can we assign more than one controlling area to a company code?

Controlling area in sap is the central organisational unit within controlling module which represent the cost accounting environment in sap.

Controlling area can be configured through transaction code OKKP. In controlling area settings we have to assign company codes to controlling area. More than one company code having same operating chart of accounts and fiscal year variance can be assigned to one controlling area. But more than one controlling area cannot be assigned to one company code.

What is the relationship between controlling area and company code?

Controlling area and company code relationship can be “one to one” or can be “one to many”. Such relationships are defined in transaction code OKKP. If the relationship is defined as one to one then only one controlling area can be assigned to one company code. If it is defined as cross company code then more than one company code can be assigned to one controlling area provided operating charts of account and fiscal year used by all the company codes are same.

What is operating concern in sap?

Operating concern is the highest organizational unit in sap if you have implemented profitability analysis module in sap. One operating concern can be assigned to one or more controlling area.

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