SAP FICO Interview Questions Part 2

SAP FICO Interview Questions Part 2

How to activate and deactivate cost centers collectively in SAP

You can activate and deactivate CCs in sap. But long list of CCs are activate and deactivate by using this functionality.

You can use transaction code KEA01 or following path to activate CCs collectively;

SPRO > IMG > Controlling > CC Planning > Master Data > Cost Centers > Activate inactive CCs

To deactivate you use transaction code KEOD1 or following path;

SPRO > IMG > Controlling > CCA > Master Data > Cost Centers > Delete inactive CCs

You can assign CCs to one company code. 

What is cost center category? How to create CC category In sap?

Cost center category identifies the function of a CC or the activity that are carried on in a cost center. Following category of cost center can be created in sap;

  • Administrative
  • Production
  • Research and development
  • Sales and distribution
  • Corporate

You can also create different cost center category based on your requirement. Sap delivers certain cost center category by default. You can use those cost centers or create your own by copying it.

To create cost center category you use transaction code OKA2 or following path;

SPRO > IMG > Controlling > CCA > Master Data > Cost Centers > Define Cost Center Category

What is activity type and how to create activity type in sap?

Activity types in sap are defined based on the activities your cost centers are providing. You can create different activity types based on your business requirements. By using activity types you allocate cost from one cost objects to others in sap controlling module.

To create activity type you use transaction code KL01 or following path;

Accounting > Controlling > CCA > Master Data > Activity type > Individual Processing> Create

You can also change or delete or display such activity types created in sap. Transaction code KL02, KL03 is used to change and display an activity type.

What is a statistical key figure? How do you create it in sap?

Statistical key figures are values in a cost centers. Examples of statistical key figures are values like hour, number of employees, kg etc.

Statistical key figures are used in distribution and assessment while allocating cost from one cost center to other.

You can create statistical key figure by using transaction code KL01 or following path;

Accounting > Controlling > CCA > Master Data > Statistical Key Figures > Individual Processing > Create

You can also change or display statistical key figures by using transaction code KL02 or KL03.

What is material master and how it’s relevant for controlling module?

Material master is the most important master data in entire sap. Material master data has different view which has data related to different modules. For controlling module we maintain costing views in material master data of sap.

Three views of material masters are relevant for controlling module;

  • MRP
  • Costing
  • Accounting

Data from these views are picked up in different part of controlling module for its use. For example in cost estimate the MRP view is the most important part as data are collected from that view for cost estimation.

You can create, change or display material master with transaction codes MM01, MM02 or MM03 respectively.

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