SAP FICO Interview Questions Part 21

SAP FICO Interview Questions Part 21

What is vendor master segment?

While creating vendor master in sap we have three segments which need to be configured as per the business requirements. In general data segment we enter all the common set of data that are relevant for all the company codes. In company code segment we enter only those data that are relevant to the company code in which this vendor master will be used.

Purchase organisation segment is used by MM consultant or in MM module. All relevant data related to purchase organizations are entered here. 

What is a sub ledger and how it is linked to the main ledger?

Sub ledgers is also called subsidiary ledger in sap. In sap accounts payable, accounts receivable and asset accounting are maintained as subsidiary ledgers. It holds detailed transaction about vendor, customer and asset accounting and is linked to main general ledger account through a reconciliation account.

Example: if you have 1000 vendor accounts then individual ledgers representing such vendor accounts are called sub ledger or subsidiary ledger. You can create one reconciliation account or more than one which will be linked to the vendor master in sap. Postings made to these sub ledger accounts will be replicated in the main ledger through this reconciliation account.

How depreciation posting in sap works?

Depreciation postings are executed through transaction code AFAB. While running depreciation we have to run it in test mode to know whether it’s giving correct result or not. If we are satisfied with the result then we can execute it in real mode.

After such execution, sap creates collective documents and posts depreciation. SAP does not create separate document for each asset individually.

How to create multiple asset masters in sap?

Multiple assets are created through transaction code AS01. Multiple assets are created in sap if the attributes of the assets are same. To create such multiple assets with similar feature we have to enter the number that is available in the initial screen of creation of asset master field “number of similar assets”. If we want to create 2 similar assets then we have to enter 2 in the field.

What is valuation class? Where you can see the valuation class of a material master?

Valuation class can be viewed from the material master’s accounting view 1 tab. Valuation class is defined in material master and linked to financial accounting through transaction types like BSX, WRX used in OBYC transaction code.

Valuation class is used to group similar materials. In sap we define valuation class for raw materials, finished goods, semi finished goods etc.

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