SAP FICO Interview Questions Part 7

SAP FICO Interview Questions Part 7

What is the use of document type in sap?

Document types are used to identify business transactions. Document type in sap controls the type of account to be posted, number range and document header fields.

Sap Delivered several document types which you can view with transaction code OBA7. We can also create our own document type by using this transaction code. If business has decided to use default document type then we have to assign number ranges to document type after its creation in sap.

DR, DG and SA are some of the sap default document types which are used in sap financial accounting module.

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How to make document type and posting key default for a transaction in SAP FI?

We can make it default by using transaction code OBU1. We can make it default for all sap standard business transactions. By making it default document types and posting keys will be assigned to all sap transactions. If we have created any new document type for a transaction then that need to be assigned by using transaction code OBU1 to get it defaulted for the transaction.

What is SAP Fast entry Screen?

Fast entry screen allows transaction to be posted at a rapid space than the normal method in sap. We configure fast entry screen by using transaction code 07E6.

What is employee tolerance group?

Employee tolerance groups are used for not allowing any unauthorized persons to post a financial transaction. We can assign tolerance group to a user ID or to a company code. By assigning it to a company code we are allowing the tolerance group to be applicable to all employees. For this we need to make the tolerance group be restrictive for posting.

Tolerance groups can be created with transaction code OBA4 and can be assigned to a user with transaction code OB57.

We maintain up to what amount per line item an employees can post, up to what amount per document employees can post and the allowable payment difference an employee can accept.

What is the use of posting key?

Positing key in sap is defined to manage certain field status in gl posting and it also determine whether a particular line item will be debited or credited. We can create our own posting key by copying the existing one in sap. By copying we can change the filed status to manage the gl posting field according to our business requirements.

Normal posting key 40 and 50 is used to debit and credit a gl posting transaction.

We can also use reverse posting key for each debit and credit by which while reversing a transaction we need not enter the debit key and credit key.

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