SAP FICO Interview Questions Part 9

SAP FICO Interview Questions Part 9

What are the steps we followed to customize cash journal in sap?

To maintain cash journal postings we start with creation of general ledger accounts then define the document types for cash journal postings.

In the next step cash journal document number ranges are created for the document type.

After the creation of gl account, document type and number range in sap we set up cash journal by using transaction code FBCJ0.

If we want to create, change or delete any specific business transactions used in cash journal then we use transaction code FBCJ2. 

What you know about parking a document and why it is used in sap?

Parking a document means we are keeping the posting of a particular transaction on hold for some reasons. Reason of parking can be any business reason. After that we post the documents into sap. After parking a document if you have decided not to post it then you can do so by deleting the parked document.

By using parking functionality we avoid to cancel the already entered transaction and reenter it again while posting. Instead of canceling the transactions we just save it for future posting.

Parking can be used for many reasons like;

  • The end user may do not have authorization request for posting a transaction. He/she can park the transaction for posting in future.
  • End user may not have enough information to post a transaction. In this case you can also hold the document by using hold functionality.

Transaction code F-65 can be used to park a document.

What do you know about special gl transactions?

Special gl transactions are bills of exchange, down payments, bank guarantees and provisions for doubt full debts. Special gl transactions are not the normal business transactions which we use in financial accounting.

How to delete a document in sap Financial Accounting?

We can not delete business transactions in sap. We can change certain fields if we want but the transaction cannot be deleted. If you have posted a wrong document and wanted to correct it then that has to be first reversed and then posted with the correction. SAP keeps all the transactions that posted into sap. Anyone can check these documents in sap.

Can you give some examples of standard document types in sap?

Standard document types are defined at the client level and can be used by any company codes created under it. Standard document types are;

  • SA – General Transaction entry in SAP FI
  • DA – Customer documents
  • DZ – Customer Payments
  • KA – Vendor Documents
  • KZ – Vendor Payment

We can view document types by using transaction codes OBA7.

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