SAP FICO Training Tutorials

SAP FICO Training TutorialsSAP FICO stands for financial Accounting and controlling module of SAP. FICO module has two parts;

  • FI (Financial Accounting)
  • CO (Controlling)

Financial Accounting

FI module is used for external reporting of an organization i.e. financial statement reporting to shareholders, bankers and other outside agencies interested in the organization or invested their money in it. All the financial transactions are entered in to Financial Accounting. Through Financial Accounting transactions are transferred to other modules like controlling. Financial Accounting is highly integrated with SD (sales and distribution) and MM (Material management). Material related accounting documents are transferred flow from MM to Financial Accounting and all sales related accounting documents are transferred from SD to Financial Accounting module.


Controlling (CO) module is used for internal reporting purpose. Management interested to know various cost or profit center wise profitability can use this module. You can also get other internal reports by using it. Controlling collects data from Financial accounting, PP and other modules.Then processed within it to provide different cost related reports like product cost, profitability of a segment, profit center wise balance sheet and profit/loss account.

Cost center accounting, profit center accounting, product costing and profitability analysis (COPA) are sub modules of Controlling.

In our SAP FICO training tutorials we will teach you how to create various master data and other configuration of it. If you have any questions related to SAP FICO topics then click on our contact us page to drop us a mail.

SAP FICO has different sub modules which manage different processes within it. Followings are the sub module;

  • General Ledger Accounting
  • A/cs payable
  • A/cs Receivable
  • Asset Accounting
  • Cost center Accounting
  • Profit Center Accounting
  • Product Costing
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Internal Order
  • Project System

Here are different training articles related to SAP FICO

  1. What is sap
  2. Create company code in SAP
  3. Assign company code to company
  4. Assign company code to credit control area
  5. Assign Profit center to company code
  6. Assign company code to controlling area
  7. Credit control area in sap
  8. Functional area creation
  9. Define fiscal year variant
  10. Delete gl a/c and chart of a/c in FI
  11. Copy GL a/c
  12. General ledger a/c balance display
  13. How to park a document
  14. Change, display or delete parked document
  15. Create recurring document
  16. General ledger account clearing
  17. How to create house bank
  18. Create vendor account group
  19. Create and assign number range to vendor maser
  20. Copy vendor master record
  21. Regroup your receivables and payables
  22. Define vendor tolerance group
  23. Automatic payment program
  24. How to specify input tax on non taxable asset acquisition
  25. what is O2c and P2P
  26. Automatic account assignment
  27. Define sample account
  28. Bank reconciliation statement in sap
  29. How to import BRS
  30. How to configure cash journal
  31. How to post cash journal
  32. Create chart of depreciation
  33. Create, change or delete asset master
  34. Asset retirement with customer
  35. Asset sale without customer
  36. Define reconciliation account for customer down payment
  37. Asset acquisition with vendor
  38. Account determination in asset accounting
  39. Specify maximum amount for low value assets
  40. Depreciation run
  41. How to configure depreciation key
  42. Specify depreciation area in asset accounting
  43. Specify document type for depreciation posting
  44. Define screen layout for asset master data
  45. Year end closing in asset accounting
  46. Specify intervals and posting rules for depreciation posting
  47. AUC settlement in asset accounting
  48. How to specify financial statement version for your asset reports
  49. FI-HR integration
  50. FICO reconciliation
  51. Define parallel currency
  52. How to create financial statement version
  53. Define accounts for exchange rate difference
  54. Define accounts for rounding difference
  55. Define payment block reason in sap
  56. Define cash discount account
  57. Maintain terms of payment
  58. Number range for vendor master
  59. Number range for customer account
  60. How to delete customer master data
  61. Foreign currency valuation
  62. Carry forward general ledger account balance
  63. Post, change or display a general ledger document
  64. Carry forward receivables and payable in sap
  65. Creation of posting key in sap
  66. Manage field status group if Gl account
  67. Cross company code transaction in sap
  68. Field status of a document entry
  69. Clear open items in sap
  70. Posting period variant creation in sap
  71. Open item management in sap
  72. Document type and posting key in sap
  73. Line item display in gl account master
  74. Group chart of account and country specific chart of account
  1. Maintain controlling area in sap
  2. How to maintain version for controlling area
  3. Maintain number ranges for controlling area
  4. How to define operating concern in sap
  5. Cost element category
  6. Creation of cost center group
  7. Re-posting in cost center accounting
  8. Automatic account assignment in sap
  9. How to create activity type in sap
  10. Define assessment cycle in sap
  11. How to create assessment cost element in sap
  12. Creating distribution cycle in sap
  13. How to maintain profit center document type in sap
  14. How to monitor profit center assignment
  15. How to transfer balance in profit center accounting

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