What is SAP System Landscape

In most of the SAP interview, questions are asked on system landscape and on functional spec and technical spec. Here we have tried to answer these questions for your benefit.

SAP System Landscape

SAP System landscape is the layout of your SAP servers. It’s how you architect your SAP servers. Generally SAP is divided into 3 landscapes;

  • Development Server
  • Quality Assurance Server
  • Production Server

Development server can be divided into different other clients like sandbox, testing clients. Sandbox is created to do your initial customization to match your business requirements. After getting satisfied result out of testing client you move the configuration from sand box to development box or redo the configuration in development server. 

Quality assurance server can be divided into integration testing server and training server. You do all your cross functional testing in this box. Training also carried out in this box.

Production server is the main server where data reaches after all filtration. Here the end user enters there data and use for business purpose.

Functional and Technical specification in SAP

Functional specification is also called functional spec. In SAP we have two types of specification;

  • Functional Specification
  • Technical Specification

Functional Specification

Functional specifications are written by SAP functional consultant. There can be requirements of business owners which may or may not be delivered by standard functionality of sap. If sap can not deliver it then that has to be developed within sap to meet the requirement. Any such development requirement related to a functional module is written by a functional consultant for an ABAP consultant who develops the requirement by using ABAP codes. A functional specification does not define the inside working of the development. Functional specification is just a indication to ABAP consultants for developing the requirements and how to get the information that will be required for such development. Functional consultant also gives the requirement specification and layout of the report or any required screen to the consultant with table reference that will be required for it.

Technical Specification

Technical specifications are written for system development oriented requirements and discus the programming of the development. After getting the functional specification, the technical person will write technical specification based on the functional specification. The technical specification will then be sent to the functional consultant for observation.

After the functional consultant okay the technical specifications, both the technical and functional consultant will work together to develop the requirement. After development is ready the functional consultant will test it. Then the business owners will be required to ask for testing and will give there observation on it.

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