SAP Tables

SAP Table can be viewed by using transaction code SE11 or SE16 or SE16N in the command bar of SAP Menu. Just visit any of these transaction codes and enter any of the table in addition to other relevant details and execute to get the details.

SAP Tables for General Settings

SAP Tables Description
T005 Countries
TCURC Currency codes
TCURR Currency details
TCURT Currency name
TCURX Decimal places for currencies.
T006 Units of measure

SAP Table for calendar functions             

Tables Description
T247 Month names
TFACD Factory calendar definition
T015M Month names
TTZZ Time zones
TTZD Summer time rules
TTZDF Summer time rules (fixed annual dates)
TTZDV Summer time rules (variable dates)
TTZDT Summer time rules texts
TTZ5 Assign Time Tones to Countries
TTZ5S Assign time zones to regions

SAP Table for enterprise structure

Tables Description
T880 Company
T001 Company code
TKA01 Controlling area
T001W Plant / sales organisation
T499S Locations
TSPA Division
TVKO Sales organisation / company code
TVTW Distribution channel
TVBUR Sales office
TVKBT Sales office text
TVKGR Sales group
TVGRT Sales group text
T171T Sales district text
T001L Storage locations
T024E Purchasing organization
T3001 Warehouse number
TVST Shipping point
TVLA Loading point
TTDS Transportation

SAP Table for Assignments

Tables Description
TKA02 Assign company code to controlling area
T001K Assign plant (valuation area) to company code
TVKO Sales organisation / company code
TVKOV Distribution channel / sales organisation
TVKOS Division to sales organization
TVTA Sales aria
TVKBZ Sales office to sales area
TVBVK Sales group to sales office
TVKWZ Plants to sales organization
T024E Purchasing organization / company code
T024W Plant to Purchase organization
T001K Link plant ( = valuation area) / company code
TVSWZ Shipping point to plant
T320 Assignment MM Storage Location to WM Warehouse

SAP Tables related to company code

Tables Description
T004 Chart of accounts
T077S Account group (g/l accounts)
T009 Fiscal year variants
T880 Global company data
T014 Credit control area

SAP Tables related to financial accounting document

Tables Description
010O Posting period variant
T010P Posting Period Variant Names
T001B Permitted Posting Periods
T003 Document types
T012 House banks

Other SAP Tables

Tables Description
010O Posting period variant
T010P Posting Period Variant Names
T001B Permitted Posting Periods
T003 Document types
T012 House banks

SAP Tables related to workbench

Data Dictionary SAP table

Tables Description
DD02L Tables in SAP
DD02T Tables description
DD03L Field names in SAP
DD03T Field description in SAP

SAP Tables related to workbench

Tables Description
TADIR Directory of R/3 Repository Objects
TRDIR System table TRDIR
TFDIR Function Module
TLIBG Person responsible for function class
TLIBT Function Group Short Texts
TFTIT Function Module Short Text
TSTCT ransaction codes in SAP
TSTCT Transaction codes texts
T100M essage text (vb e000)
VARID Variant data
D020T Screen texts
TDEVC Development class
TDEVCT Texts for development classes

SAP Tables related to user administration

Tables Description
USR01 User master
USR02 Logon data
USR03 User address data
USR04 User master authorizations
USR11 User Master Texts for Profiles (USR10)
UST12 User master: Authorizations
USR12 User master authorization values
USR13 Short Texts for Authorizations
USR40 Prohibited passwords
TOBJ Objects
TOBC Authorization Object Classes
TPRPROF Profile Name for Activity Group
DEVACCESS Table for development user

SAP Tables related to batch input, job processing and spool

Tables Description
APQI Queue info definition
TBTCO Job status overview table
TBTCP Batch job step overview
TSP02 Spool: Print requests
SNAP Runtime errors
TNAPR Processing programs for output
NAST Message status
NACH Printer determination

SAP Tables related to EDI and change documents

Tables Description
EDIDC Control record
EDIDD Data record
EDID2 Data record 3.0 Version
EDIDS EDI status record
EDPAR Convert External < > Internal Partner Number
EDPVW EDI partner types
EDPI1 EDI partner profile inbound
EDPO1/2/3 EDI partner profile outbound
CDHDR Change document header
CDPOS Change document positionen
JCDS Change Documents for System/User Status es (Table JEST)
SERPTREE Reporting: tree structure
TMC4 Global Control Elements: LIS Info Structure

SAP Tables related to Material Master Data

Tables Description
MARA Material master
MAKT Material text
MARC Material per plant / stock
MVKE Material master, sales data
MARD Storage location / stock
MSKA Sales order stock
MSPR Project stock
MARM Units of measure
MEAN International article number
PGMI Planning material
PROP Forecast parameters
MBEW Material valuation
MVER Material consumption
MLGN Material / Warehouse number
MLGT Material / Storage type
MPRP Forecast profiles
MDTB MRP table
MDKP Header data for MRP document
MLAN Tax data material master
MTQSS Material master view: QM

Other Relevant SAP Tables

Tables Description
MCHA Batches
MCH1 Batches
MCHB Stock : batches
STXB SAPscript: Texts in non-SAPscript format
STXHSTXD SAPscript text file header
STXLSTXD SAPscript text file lines

SAP Tables related to Customer Master Data

Tables Description
KNA1 Customer master
KNB1 Customer / company
KNVV Customer sales data
KNBK Bank details
KNVH Customer hierarchy
KNVP Customer partners
KNVS Shipment data for customer
KNVK Contact persons
KNVI Customer master tax indicator
KNMT Customer material info record

SAP Tables related to Vendor Master

Tables Description
LFA1 Vendor master
LFB1 Vendor per company code
LFB5 Vendor dunning data
LFM1 Purchasing organisation data
LFM2 Purchasing data
LFBK Bank details
BNKA Master bank data

SAP Tables related to Characteristics, class types and objects

Tables Description
CABN Characteristics ( o.a. batch/vendor)
CABNT Characteristics description
CAWN Characteristics ( o.a. material)
CAWNT Characteristics description
AUSP Characteristic Values
TCLAO Several class types for object
TCLA Class types ( vb. lfa1 => v10 en 010)
TCLAT Class type text
TCLT Classifiable objects
TCLC Classification status
INOB Link between Internal Number and Object
KLAH Class header data
KSSK Allocation Table: Object (vb.matnr) to Class
KSML Characteristics for a class (internal number)

SAP Tables related to accounting document

Tables Description
SKA1 Accounts
BKPF Accounting documents
BSEG item level
BSID Accounting: Secondary index for customers
BSIK Accounting: Secondary index for vendors
BSIM Secondary Index, Documents for Material
BSIP Index for vendor validation of double documents
BSIS Accounting: Secondary index for G/L accounts
BSAD Accounting: Index for customers (cleared items)
BSAK Accounting: Index for vendors (cleared items)
BSAS Accounting: Index for G/L accounts (cleared items)

SAP Tables related to Payment Run

Tables Description
REGUH Settlement data from payment program
REGUP Processed items from payment program

SAP Tables related to Controlling module

Tables Description
TKA01 Controlling areas
TKA02 Controlling area assignment
KEKO Product-costing header
KEPH Cost components for cost of goods manuf.
KALO Costing objects
KANZ Sales order items – costing objects

SAP Tables related to cost center master data

Tables Description
CSKS Cost Center Master Data
CSKT Cost center texts
CRCO Assignment of Work Center to Cost Center

SAP Tables related to cost center accounting

Tables Description
COSP CO Object: Cost Totals for External Postings
COEP CO Object: Line Items (by Period)
COBK CO Object: Document header
COST CO Object: Price Totals

SAP Tables related to sales and distribution

Sales order

Tables Description
VBFA Document flow (alg.)
VTFA Flow shipping documents
VBAK Header data
VBAP Item data
VBPA Partners in sales order
VBKD Sales district data
VBEP Data related to line items, delivery lines

Billing document

Tables Description
VBRK header data
VBRP Item data


Tables Description
VTTK Shipment header
VTTP Shipment item
VTTS Stage in transport
VTSP Stage in transport per shipment item
VTPA Shipment partners
VEKP Handling Unit – Header Table
VEPO Packing: Handling Unit Item (Contents)


Tables Description
LIKP Delivery header
LIPS Delivery item


Tables Description
KONH Conditions header
KONP Conditions items
KONV Procedure ( billing doc or sales order)
VEDA Contract data

SAP Tables related to Material Management

Material Document

Tables Description
MKPF material document
MSEG material document (item level)


Tables Description
EKKO Purchase document
EKPO Purchase document (item level)
EKPV Shipping-Specific Data on Stock Tfr. for Purch. Doc. Item
EKET Delivery schedule
VETVG Delivery Due Index for Stock Transfer
EKES Order Acceptance/Fulfillment Confirmations
EKKN Account assignment in purchasing
EKAN Vendor address purchasing
EKPA Partner functions
EIPO Item export / import data
EINA Purchase info record (main data)
EINE Purchase info record (organisational data)
EORD Source list
EBAN Purchase requisition
EBKN Purchase Requisition Account Assignment

SAP Tables related to warehouse management

Transfer document and order

Tables Description
LTBK Transfer requirement – header
LTBP Transfer requirement – item
LTAK Transfer order – header
LTAP Transfer order – item

Inventory documents in WM

Tables Description
LINK Inventory document header
LINP Inventory document item
LINV Inventory data per quant
LQUA Quants

SAP Tables related to QM modules

Inspections lots

Tables Description
QALS Inspection lot record
QAMB Link inspection lot – material document
QAVE Inspection usage decision
QDPS Inspection stages
QMAT Inspection type – material parameters
QINF Inspection info record (vendor – material)
QDQL Quality level
QDPS Inspection stages

Quality notifications

Tables Description
TQ80 Notification types
QMEL Quality notification
QMFE Quality notification – items
QMUR Quality notification – causes
QMSM Quality notification – tasks
QMMA Quality notification – activities
QMIH Quality message – maintenance data excerpt

Certificate profile

Tables Description
QCVMT Certificate profile characteristic level: texts
QCVM Certificate profile characteristic level
QCVK Certificate profile header

SAP Tables related to Production Planning Module

Work center

Tables Description
CRHH Work center hierarchy
CRHS Hierarchy structure
CRHD Work center header
CRTX Text for the Work Center or Production Resource/Tool
CRCO Assignment of Work Center to Cost Center
KAKO Capacity Header Segment
CRCA Work Center Capacity Allocation
TC24 Person responsible for the work enter

Routing and operations

Tables Description
MAPL Allocation of task lists to materials
PLAS Task list – selection of operations/activity es
PLFH Task list – production resources/tools
PLFL Task list – sequences
PLKO Task list – header
PLKZ Task list: main header
PLPH Phases / sub operations
PLPO Task list operation / activity
PLPR Log collector for task lists
PLMZ Allocation of BOM – items to operations

Bill of Material

SAP Tables Description
STKO BOM – header
STPO BOM – item
STAS BOMs – Item Selection
STPN BOMs – follow-up control
STPU BOM – sub-item
STZU Permanent BOM data
PLMZ Allocation of BOM – items to operations
MAST Material to BOM link
KDST Sales order to BOM link

Production Order

SAP Tables Description
AUFK Production order headers
AFIH Maintenance order header
AUFM Goods movement for prod. order
AFKO Order header data PP orders
AFPO Order item
RESB Order component
AFVC Order operations
AFVV Quantities/dates/values in the operation
AFVU User fields of the operation
AFFL Work order sequence
AFFH PRT assignment data for the work order(routing)
JSTO Status profile
JEST Object status
AFRU Order completion confirmations
AFFH PRT assignment data for the work order
CRVD _A Link of PRT to Document
DRAW Document Info Record
TDWA Document Types
TDWD Data Carrier/Network Nodes
TDWE Data Carrier Type
PLAF Planned orders
PKPS Kanban identification, control cycle
PKHD Kanban control cycle (header data)
PKER Error log for Kanban containers
RESB Material reservations
RKPF header
KBKO Header record for capacity requirements
KBED Capacity requirements records
KBEZ Add. data for table KBED (for indiv. capacities/splits)

Planned independent requirement

SAP Tables Description
PBIM Independent requirements for material
PBED Independent requirement data
PBHI Independent requirement history
PBIV Independent requirement index
PBIC Independent requirement index for customer req

SAP Tables for Project System

Project System Basic Data

SAP Tables Description
PRHI Work Breakdown Structure, Edges (Hierarchy Pointer)
PROJ Project definition
PRPS WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Element Master Data
RPSCO Project info database: Costs, revenues, finances
MSPR Project stock
EQUI Equipment master data
EQKT Equipment short text
EQUZ Equipment time segment

Plant Maintenance

SAP Tables Description
IHPA Plant Maintenance: Partners
OBJK Plant Maintenance Object List
ILOA PM Object Location and Account Assignment
AFIH Maintenance order header

SAP Tables for HR Module

SAP Tables Description
T582A Info types: Customer-Specific Settings

HR Master data

SAP Tables Description
T527X Organizational Units
T528T Position Texts
T554T Attendance and Absence Texts
T501 Employee group
T503 Employee group, subgroup
T503K Employee subgroup
T510N Pay Scales for Annual Salary s (NA)
T549A Payroll Accounting Areas
T750X Vacancy

Info types

SAP Tables Description
PA0001 Org. Assignment
PA0002 Personal Data
PA0006 Addresses
PA0007 Planned Working Time
PA0016 Contract elements
PA0008 Basic pay
PA0105 Communications
PA1007 Vacancies
PA1035 Training
PA2001 Absences

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