What is SAP Ticket

What is SAP TicketSAP tickets are raised for errors or bugs in sap system. After implementation of SAP you need to keep a support team with sap consultants in it who will monitor and support all kind of errors or bugs in your sap system.

These sap support team can be in your building or at a remote place. For most of the bigger implementation project we have support team outside the company sitting in a remote place like India or Brazil from where these peoples support such your SAP errors.

Different company uses different tracking system to create, change or updates these tickets that are generated for sap errors or bugs. Organisations have named these tools as incident management tool or issue tracking system based on their own judgement or decision.

After creating a ticket in your system, you need to assign it the concerned consultant who can resolve the issue. Once you assign it to him the consultant will provide you a solution to resolve your issue. 

How the Process of SAP Ticket Management Works

  • End user will raise a ticket based on their error or bugs that he/she finds in the SAP system. With the error message they need to provide the exact screen shoot or error message or place or transactions where they are facing this problem
  • Support team sitting at onsite or offshore location will look into the issue in detail. If required for additional information then they ask for it either by dropping a mail or by reassigning the ticket back to the concerned person.
  • Based on the feedback or further information the consultant provides a solution.
  • If the issue is related to some other area and further analysis is required to be done by some other consultant then the ticket is to be reassigned to that other consultant.
  • Based on the solution, end user either needs to change the business process that he is following or if required new configuration needs to be done.

Priority level of SAP tickets

Based on the management’s decision the priority levels for SAP tickets are decided by the business owners. These priority levels are set based on the urgency level of the issue. In some company it’s named as priority 1, priority 2, priority 3 etc.

In some other companies it’s named as urgent level 1, urgent level 2, urgent level 3 etc.

Based on the requirements you decide your urgency level. Most of these support consultants give 24/7 support by which clients business process did not affect due to such issues.

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