Shortcut transaction codes used in SAP

Shortcut transaction codes used in SAPYou have two ways to get into a transaction screen. Either you use a transaction code or the sap menu path. To use sap menu path you always need to go back to the starting point of either sap easy access menu or SAP IMG Menu. For all these problems SAP has a solution by using this you can transfer between screens without going back to the menu screen again and again. For each transaction in SAP, you have a transaction code which can be entered at the command bar to get into the transaction screen directly. Followings are the list of short codes which can be used along with the transaction code;   

Short code Description
/n By using /n in front of any transaction code you can directly move from one screen to another. If you want to go the controlling area setting then type /nOKKP in the command bar.
/o /O is used in front of a transaction code if you want the new transaction code to be opened in a new screen
/XXXX If you are in the sap easy access menu and want to go to a transaction code then you can type the tcode directly instead of putting /n in front of it. XXXX represents the transaction code.

Other short codes that can be used in SAP

Short code Description
/n If you put /n only in the command field then sap will end the current session
/o A new window will be opened up
/i It will delete the current session
/nex Log off from SAP without a pup up message
/nend Log off from sap with a message pup up
F1 Help
F3 Go back
F4 To display the list of possible entries in sap
CTRL++ To open a new window
F8 To execute a transaction in sap
Ctrl+S Save
F12 Cancel
Ctrl+F Find
Ctrl+G Find Next
Shift+F3 Log off from SAP
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+G Continue search
Ctrl+N Open a new session in sap
Ctrl+F10 User menu
Ctrl+F11 SAP Menu
Ctrl+shft+F6 Add a transaction code to your favorite list

You can use F1 at any time in sap. Press your cursor at a field and press F1. It will display the SAP help menu for your reference. This is a best way to learn sap.

If you want to execute a transaction then just fill up the entire required field and wither press the execute button available on the screen or press F8 to execute it.

How to know the transaction codes in sap

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