Top 10 things you must check before accepting a job offer

While reviewing a Job Offer, it’s very much required that you have a look on your job offer letter’s compensation package, benefits, flexible working hours, work environment and future career growth. You should also pay attention while reviewing the terms and conditions of your employment.

Here are top 10 points one should consider while reviewing the job offer letter;

Ten things you must check before accepting a job offer

  1. What are the components of your total pay salary package? Out of the total amount offered, how much is fixed pay and how much is variable. Variable part may be calculated based on individual performance, organization performance and percentage on target achieved etc. You have to understand how your variable portion of the pay package is calculated and what is the past track record of paying variable portion to employees. Employer use to draft job offers very carefully to attract talented candidates to them. But, few of them are also plying beautifully by drafting an attractive job offer to fool the candidate. You will be able to know about it after joining the company. So be careful while reviewing your job offer letter.
  1. Next thing you must know is your eligibility for next pay raise or promotion. This may not be in your job offer letter. But you can ask your interviewer or call the HR representative to know about it.
  1. If you are eligible for overtime then how overtime pay is calculated and has it been included in your total compensation package.
  1. What are the benefits company will cover like; healthcare, insurance, provident fund etc and how much the company deducts from your salary to cover this benefit? – Before accepting any job offer, you have to make sure that the additional benefits are not added to your salary. To avoid this kind of problems we request you to do one to one comparison with your present salary.
  1. How many sick days and personal days do you receive in a year?
  1. Are you eligible for stock option?
  1. Does the company offer higher education reimbursement? How soon will you qualify for this benefit?
  1. Have they offered you the exact position that they interviewed?
  1. Will you be getting anything extra for commuting to office? Does the company have any facility for employee transportation which you can avail? What is your company’s relocation policy? What is your eligibility for relocation?
  1. Will you be eligible for joining bonus? How the joining bonus will be reimbursed to you?

Some additional points you may consider in your job offer letter based on your requirement and flexibility that your employer consider. Here are the additional points;

  1. Does the company have any day care facility?
  2. What are the companies policy regarding maternity leave or paternity leave?

Now you know those points that are required to be kept in mind while reviewing job offer. If you have any feedback or suggestion then please let us know.

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