The intelligent investor review – A Classic Investment book written by Benjamin Graham

The Intelligent Investor is written by Benjamin Graham in 1949. The greatest investment advisor who is also known as father of value investing, has taught and inspired many investors worldwide. Since its publication, over a million copies are sold worldwide.

Many investors read intelligent investor book to understand Graham’s work to learn about investment techniques that he has used in his time.

The intelligent investor review

The intelligent investor provides more practical knowledge to investor who wanted to begin their career in stock market. It offers down to earth simple practical advice on investing.

This investment book will let you know how to evaluate the underlying value that a company’s stock represents and how to buy when the market price is significantly below the derived value.

You will also learn how to make more profit by using discipline, research and analytical ability in stock market. Intelligent investor is specifically written for those who want to have a sound approach to grow his wealth steadily. This book is not written for speculators.

The intelligent investor has emphasized on how to find out the value of a share which then can be compared to the market price to know whether it’s worth buying or not. You will also get practical examples on how to read and understand balance sheet and different financial statements.

We also recommend Security Analysis ( Sixth Edition, Foreword by Warren Buffett) written by the same author “Benjamin Graham”. Security analysis goes into great details on how to read a company’s financial statements and how to derive intrinsic value of a stock from it.

You will find intelligent investor book talks more on intrinsic value to compare with the market value of analysis

Famous investor Warren buffet, describe the intelligent investor book as “by far the best book on investing ever written”. If you are interested in getting into stock market then this is the book that you must read to know how to derive value of a stock before investing.

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