Cheklists while filing your rectification of Income tax return

We have listed few checklists that can help you while filing your rectification request of income tax return online. Please follow these checklists and let us know if you are facing any problem while filing your rectification request.

  1. While filing your income tax return online, you should use the latest CPC Order instead of using any other prior orders. For example: if the order has been passed by CPC on 25th December 2012 and another order has been passed on 15th January 2012 then the you must use 15th January while filing rectification request online. However the same CPC Order can be reused only if the assessee has decided to withdraw the e-filled rectification within 1 day from the date of filing the rectification.
  2. After processing the previous rectification request, you can e-file another rectification for the same assessment year.
  3. Always use the latest version of ITR form available in Income tax e-filing website.
  4. Assessee should upload the entire Income Tax return after making necessary changes to it. You should not just upload those items which require change.
  5. Enter the communication reference number correctly.
  6. Don’t forget to select the correct assessment year.
  7. Changes to income should not be filled as rectification. It should be revised if permitted within the time limit available.
  8. For changes to your bank account details and MICR numbers, you should not use the rectification request as under my account tab-> refund reissue request you have the option of changing the bank account details/address details. Please remember, for refund/demand notice the original bank account details and address will be considered not the details as available in rectified income tax return so changes to refund reissue option under my account tab will be considered.
  9. If you e-filled your return then the rectification should be filled online. Manual rectification is not allowed.

Steps for rectification of your IT return

  1. Login to your income tax account
  2. Under the tab GO TO select My Account then rectification request
  3. Select the assessment year for which rectification is to be e-filed. Enter the latest communication reference number and CPC order date
  4. Click Submit
  5. Select rectification request type
  6. Click Submit
  7. After the 6th step an acknowledgement number will be generated and sent to CPC Bangalore for processing.
  8. After the rectification processed a rectification order under Section 154 will be issued.

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