6 Best JOB Interview Tips for getting a job

These JOB interview tips will help you to get everything that is needed to know about an interview. Before you attend your interview, it’s always advisable to get information about the company. That way you will be able to find out whether the company fits for you or not.

6 Best Interview Tips for getting a job

You can have company’s information from different sources. Followings are a list from where you can collect such information;

JOB Interview Tips 1 – Getting information before interview

Check out for the company’s mission statement, client’s list, company’s logo and commitments, company history, products and services, management, as well as information about the company’s working culture from company’s website. Client list and competition will give you an edge in understanding and addressing the company’s need.

Many companies have their accounts in twitter, linkendin, facebook and google plus to promote their business. Social networking sites will give you current product information that company is planning to lunch, company’s present requirement and recent news.

Ask every one one about the company or call them or send emails to get information before interview.

Collect following information about the company;

  1. Corporate history and philosophy
  2. Overview of the companies organization
  3. Industry analyst opinion
  4. Major product and the new products
  5. Top line and bottom line of the company
  6. Current major customers and target market
  7. Financial data
  8. Discover what skills the job or the company most values
  9. Find out the companies culture and mission in order to align some of your competencies to fit the company’s style and goals
  10. The precise job requirements that you are interviewing for.

JOB Interview Tips 2 – Perfect Dress Code

Its said that the first impression is the last impression. This holds particularly true in the corporate sector. The first thing that catches your eye when you look at a person is his or her face and how you look. So it’s always suggested to dress professionally for a job interview.

Use your judgment to dress yourself appropriately. Most often people ask “Is a suit always a must in an interview? The answer to this question is “Absolutely not”.  Before you decide your dress code you must try to find out the fashion and dress code culture of the industry and the company in particular.

As we said before, the first impression you make on a potential employer is the most important one.

Now your question will be “What’s the appropriate dress code for an interview”? Here is a list of things that you wear to an interview for making best impression.

Men’s Interview Attire

  • Suit – depending on your position select a appropriate color
  • Long sleeve shirt with a matching pant
  • Belt – preferably black
  • Tie – matching to your shirt
  • Dark socks and leather shoes
  • Little or no jewelry – like watches, marriage ring etc
  • Professional hairstyle
  • Clean shave
  • Portfolio or briefcase
  • Women’s Interview Attire
  • Matching Suit
  • Coordinated blouse
  • Conservative shoes
  • Limited jewelry
  • Professional hairstyle
  • Light makeup and perfume
  • Neatly manicured clean nails
  •  Portfolio or briefcase

Certain things you should not bring to the Interview

  • Chewing Gum
  •  Cell phone – should be kept silent or switch it off
  • Ipod or laptop
  •  Coffee, tea or any other beverages.
  •  In case you have tattoos then cover its up.

You should plan to arrive at the interview place ten to fifteen minutes before the scheduled interview time. Otherwise, you will be stressed and lose advantage for a positive first impression.

Please remember you are in the hot seat when it comes to respond to any of the interviewer question. You should make sure that you are not only listening, but also reading between the lines.

While answering any question do not stumble over your words if you need some time to think then take your time for it and then answer the question.

JOB Interview Tips 3 – Preparation for interview

It’s always a good idea to practice interviewing before you go to a real face to face interview. Make a list of the possible question or common question than can be asked during the interview and prepare yourself accordingly by answering those questions in your style. You should make a list for questions related to your job (i.e. job specific questions) and another list related to general questions that most often asked in a job interview.

JOB Interview Tips 4 – Body language

It’s a non-verbal communication of human being consisting of body posture, gesture, facial expression and eye movement. Human send signals subconsciously by behaving in a particular way to a situation. Your body language can provide clues about your state of mind and indicate your aggression, pleasure, intoxication and attentiveness.

To give a proper signal and to be comfortable during interview please follow following tips;

  •  Shake your hand with interviewer with a hello and smile
  • Do not rub or touch you head while answering questions or during interview.
  • Do not cross your leg while sitting in front of the interviewer.
  •  Sit up straight and lean forward in your chair
  • Make positive gesture while listing to the question of interviewer.
  • While leaving the hall say good bye to every body.

JOB Interview Tips 5 – Ask questions to the interviewer

There will be instances where interviewer will ask “would you like to know any thing from us” or “do you have any question for us to answer”. This is where the employer really wants you to ask question;

Possible questions that can be asked to employer;

  1. What are the companies 10 years plan?
  2. According to you what would be the ideal candidate for this position?
  3. What would be my duty and responsibility at the present job requirement?
  4. What do you like most about working at the company?
  5. Do you have any suggestion or points where I have to work on?

JOB Interview Tips 6 – Show enthusiasm to the interviewer

As a job seeker you should take every possible opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition. To show your enthusiasm you should be proactive and have a good prospective of the company, prepare for the potential questions to be asked during interview and at the end follow up with the employer.

When you claim a particular achievement or skills that you have then to back up your statement you should provide specific examples backed from your real-life experiences.

At the end of the interview meeting, be sure to confirm the next step and then make your plan for following up the employer.  If they gave you a date when they would contact you and they didn’t, it would be appropriate to follow up with a phone call the day after that date. On the call remind the employer who you are, the date time of interview and the position for which interview has been taken place.

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