Why trademark registration is so important for your business

Imagine for a moment that you have developed a new design and worked for years to make that design a popular brand and then someone has copied or steals your ideas to make it his own design.

Protecting your design or business name through trademark registration should be the first step and is the best way to get legal shell to your brand.

By having a patent of your design, you are getting a license from government to own the rights of that particular design as a manufacture, user or distributor.

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Why trademark registration is so important for your businessYour company is known to public by its name. If you have chosen a name which is distinctive and creates a good impression of your business then go ahead and file for a trademark registration.

Imagine if someone else use your name which you have innovated with your ideas and over the years created good impression to make future profit out of it.

Registration of your trademark is important for so many other reasons.

In this article we have listed most important reasons for which trademark registration is so important;

  • If you have designed a product and that gets popularity then your ownership on the design will protect you and no one can use it to compete with you.
  • Trademark Registration gives you the exclusive rights on your business name, logo and design.
  • You can build your goodwill over the years and use it in other profit making businesses.
  • Trademark registration gives you legal recognition for your products that you manufacture. It also gives you legal rights in franchise business.
  • Trademark registration creates a legal ownership.
  • Owner of a registered trademark have a legal right to stop anyone else from using it.

Companies like TATA, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple and many others have registered their business name. If you think any of your design or name require trademark registration then go ahead and do it now to protect yourself from the sharks in the market.

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