Transaction Code for Accounts Payable

Sl.No. Particulars Transaction Code
I Transaction Code For Accounts Payable Basic Settings
1 Creation of Vendor Accounts Groups OBD3
2 Creation of Number Ranges for Vendor Account Groups XKN1
3 Assign Number Ranges to Vendor Account Groups OBAS
4 Maintain Customer/Vendor Tolerance Groups OBA3
5 Creation of G/L Accounts – Reconciliation A/c FS00
6 Creation of Vendor Master XK01
7 Document Types and Number Ranges OBA7; FBN1
II Transaction Code for Transaction entity in SAP FI-AP
1 Posting of Vendor Invoice F-43
2 Posting Outgoing Payment F-53
3 Posting Vendor Invoice – Enjoy Transaction FB60
4 To View Vendor Account FBL1N
5 Vendor Credit Memo F-41
6 Vendor Credit Memo – Enjoy Transaction FB65
III Transaction Code For Advance Payments or Down Payments  
1 Creation of “Advance to Vendors A/c” G/L Account FS00
2 Define Alternative Reconciliation Account for Vendor Down Payments OBYR
3 Down Payment Request (Noted Item) F-47
4 Down Payment Made F-48
5 Purchase Invoice Posting F-43
6 Transfer of Advance from Special G/L to Normal by clearing Special G/L A/c F-54
7 Clearing of Normal Item – Account Clear F-44
IV Transaction Code for Terms of Payment  
1 Creation of Terms of Payment OBB8
3 Assign G/L Account for Automatic Posting of Discount Received OBXU
4 Assign G/L Account for Automatic Posting of Discount Given OBXI
V Transaction Code for Party Statement of Account  
1 Assign Programs for Correspondence Types OB78
2 Request for Correspondence FB12
3 Maintain Correspondence F.64
4 Automatic Payment Program FBZP
VI Other Transaction Code For Accounts Payable  
1 Assign Payment Method in Vendor Master XK02
2 Creation of Check Lots FCHI
3 Payment Run F110

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