Transaction Code for Accounts Receivable

List of transaction codes required for accounts receivable module.


Sl.No. Particulars Transaction Code
I Transaction Code For Basic Settings
1 Creation of Customer Account Groups OBD2
2 Creation of Number Ranges for Customer Account Groups XDN1
3 Assign Number Ranges to Customer Account Groups OBAR
4 Creation of G/L Account – Reconciliation Account FS00
5 Creation of Customer Master XD01
6 Document Types and Number Ranges OBA7; FBN1
II Transaction Code For Accounts Receivable Transactions  
1 Posting of Customer Invoice F-22
2 Posting Incoming Payment F-28
3 Posting Customer Invoice – Enjoy Transaction FB70
4 To View Customer Account FBL5N
5 Customer Credit Memo F-27
6 Customer Credit Memo – Enjoy Transaction FB75
III Transaction Code For Advance Payments or Down Payments
1 Creation of “Advance from Customers A/c” G/L Account FS00
2 Define Alternative Reconciliation Account for Customer Down Payments OBXR
3 Down Payment Request (Noted Item) F-37
4 Down Payment Received F-29
5 Sale Invoice Posting F-22
6 Transfer of Advance from Special G/L to Normal by clearing Special G/L A/c F-39
7 Clearing of Normal Item – Account Clear F-32
IV Transaction Code For Bill Discounting
1 Creation of G/L Accounts
2 Define Alternative Reconciliation Account for Bills of Exchange Receivable OBYN
3 Define Bank Sub Accounts OBYK
3 Define Bank Sub Accounts OBYK
4 Sale Invoice Posting F-22
5 Bills of Exchange Payment F-36
6 Bank Bill Discounting F-33
7 Report to view Customer wise, Due Date wise, Bank wise Outstanding S_ALR_87012213
8 Reverse Contingent Liability F-20
V TCode For Dunning
1 Define Dunning Areas OB61
2 Define Dunning Procedures FBMP
3 Assign Dunning Procedure in Customer Master XD02
4 Sale Invoice Postings F-22
5 Dunning F150
VI TCode For Credit Management
1 Maintain Credit Control Area OB45
2 Assign Company Code to Credit Control Area OB38
3 Define Credit Risk Categories OB01
4 Define Accounting Clerk Groups [Credit Representative Groups] OB02
5 Define Credit Representatives [Assign Employee to Credit Representative Groups] OB51
6 Define Intervals for Days in Arrears for Credit management OB39

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