Transaction Code for Asset Accounting

Sl.No. Particulars Transaction Code
I Transaction Code For Basic Settings
1 Copy Reference Chart of Depreciation/Depreciation Areas EC08
2 Assign Tax Codes for non-taxable transactions OBCL
3 Assign Company Code to Chart of Depreciation OAOB
4 Maintain Number Ranges for Asset Master Data AS08
5 Maintain Asset Classes OAOA
6 Determine Depreciation Areas in the Asset Classes OAYZ
7 Creation of G/L Accounts FS00
8 Assignment of G/L Accounts for Automatic Postings AO90
9 Specify Document type for posting of Depreciation
10 Specify Intervals and Posting Rules OAYR
11 Specify Rounding of Net Book Value and/or Depreciation OAYO
12 Define Screen Layout Rules for Asset Master Data OA77
13 Define Screen Layout Rules for Asset Depreciation Areas OA78
14 Depreciation Keys
a)     Define Base Methods
b)     Define Declining Balances Methods
c)     Define Multilevel Methods
d)     Define Period Control Methods
e)     Maintain Depreciation Keys
15 Creation of Asset Master AS01
16 Creation of Sub-Asset Master AS11
17 Main Asset Purchase Posting F-90
18 Sub-Asset Purchase Posting F-90
19 Asset Explorer AW01N
20 Asset History Sheet S_ALR_87011965
21 Depreciation Run AFAB
II Transaction Code For Settlement of Capital Work-in-Progress Transaction Code
1 Define Settlement Profile OKO7
2 Define Number Ranges for Settlement SNUM
3 Creation of Capital Work-in-Progress Asset Master AS01
4 Posting of Transactions Purchase Commissioning charges, etc., F-90
5 Creation of Main Asset Master to which Asset Under Construction is to be settled AS01
6 Settlement of Capital Work-in-Progress AIAB
III Other Transactions Code Transaction Code
1 Transfer of APC Asset Values – Periodic Asset Postings ASKB
2 Reconciliation of Assets with General Ledger ABST2
3 Sale of Asset F-92
4 Sale of Asset Without Customer ABAON
4 Transfer of Asset ABUMN
5 Transfer of Asset – Inter company ABT1N
6 Scrapping of Asset ABAVN
7 Post Capitalization of Asset ABNAN
8 Manual Depreciation ABMA
9 Unplanned Depreciation ABAA
10 Depreciation Forecast S_ALR_87012936
11 Fixation of the Schedule as per the Indian Company’s Act (or) Asset History Sheet AR02

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