Transaction Code for Document Posting and Line items display

Sl.No. Particulars Transaction Code
I Transaction Code for Document Posting
1 G/L Document Posting F-02
2 Post Outgoing Payment for G/L Accounts F-07
3 G/L Account Posting – Enjoy Transaction FB50
4 Posting a Document with reference to another Document FBR2
5 Display Document FB03
6 Change Document FB02
7 Display G/L Account Balances FS10N
8 Display G/L Account Balances for Open Item Managed A/cs FBL3N
II Transaction Code for Activation of Line Item Display
1 Flag “Line Item Display” Checkbox in G/L Account FS00
2 Block GL Account FS00
3 Run Program “RFSEPA01” for activation of Line Items SE38
4 Unblock GL Account FS00

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