Transaction Code for SAP Enterprise Structure and General Ledger Accounting

Following Transaction codes are used in sap enterprise structure and general ledger accounting configuration.

Sl.No. Particulars Transaction Code
I Enterprise Structure TCode
1 Creation of Company OX15
2 Creation of Company Code OX02
3 Assign Company Code to Company OX16
4 Creation of Business Areas OX03
II Fiscal Year Tcode
1 Creation of Fiscal Year Variant OB29
2 Assign Company Code to Fiscal Year Variant OB37
III Chart of Accounts TCode
1 Creation of Chart of Accounts OB13
2 Assign Company Code to Chart of Accounts OB62
3 Define Account Groups OBD4
4 Define Retained Earnings Account OB53
IV Posting Periods TCode
1 Define Posting Period Variant OBBO
2 Assign Company Code to Posting Period Variant OBBP
3 Open and Close Posting Periods OB52
V TCode For Document Types and Number Ranges
1 Define Document Types OBA7
2 Define Number Ranges FBN1
VI Tolerances Transaction Code
1 Define Tolerance Groups for G/L Accounts OBA0
2 Define Tolerance Groups for Employees OBA4
3 Assign Users to Tolerance Groups OB57
VII Field Status TCode
1 Define Field Status Variants OBC4
2 Assign Company Code to Field Status Variants OBC5
VIII Calculation Procedures Tcode
1 Assign Country to Calculation Procedure OBBG
IX Global Parameters
1 Enter Global Parameters OBY6
X TCode for Foreign Currency Settings
1 Check Exchange Rate Types OB07
2 Define Translation Ratios for Currency Translation OBBS
3 Enter Exchange Rates OB08
4 Specify Default Exchange Rate Type in Document Type OBA7
XI Tcode for Creation of G/L Accounts
1 Creation of G/L Account at Chart of Accounts Level FSP0
2 Creation of G/L Account at Company Code Level FSS0
3 Creation of G/L Account Centrally FS00

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