Transaction Code for Financial Statement Version and Other Important Reports

Sl.No. Particulars Transaction Code
I TCode For Financial Statement Version
1 Creation of Financial Statement Version OB58
2 To view Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account F.01
II TCode For Closing Procedures Transaction Code
1 Carry Forward of Vendors and Customers Closing Balances F.07
2 Carry Forward of Asset Balances

  • To check which year is closed for Assets
  • Closing of Assets for the Year
  • To Open Next Year
3 Carry Forward of G/L Account Balances F.16
4 Copy Number Range Intervals to the Next Year OBH2
5 Open/Close Previous Period OB52
III TCode For GL Reports Transaction Code
1 Chart of Accounts List S_ALR_87012326
2 Trial Balance S_ALR_87012310
3 Ledger S_ALR_87100205
IV TCode For Vendor Reports  Transaction Code
1 Vendor List S_ALR_87012086
2 Vendor wise Purchases S_ALR_87012093
3 Vendor Outstanding List S_ALR_87012083
4 Age wise Analysis of Vendors S_ALR_87012085
5 Advances Report S_ALR_87012105
6 Vendor’s Ledger S_ALR_87012103
V Customer Reports
1 Customer List S_ALR_87012179
2 Customer wise Sales S_ALR_87012186
3 Customer Outstanding List S_ALR_87012173
4 Age wise Analysis of Customers S_ALR_87012176
5 Advances Report S_ALR_87012199
6 Customer’s Ledger S_ALR_87012197

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