Transaction Code for Internal Order Management


List of tcodes used in internal order configuration. By using these tcodes you can configure internal order in sap.

Sl.No. Particulars TCode
I TCode For Basic Settings
1 Creation of Internal Order Types KOT2
2 Creation of Internal Orders KO01
3 Creation of Internal Order Groups KOH1
4 Posting of Transactions in FI F-02
5 To View Internal Order Wise Report KOB1
6 Repost CO Line Items KB61
7 Repost Costs KB11N
8 Planning KPF6`
9 To View Variance Report S_ALR_87012993
II TCode For Settlement – Only Real Orders can be settled.
1 Creation of Settlement Cost Elements – 21 KA06
2 Maintain Allocation Structure OKO6
3 Maintain Settlement Profile OKO7
4 Maintain Number Ranges for Settlement Documents KO8N
5 Creation of Number Ranges in CO Area – KOAO KANK
6 Settlement KO88

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